DVKD Dokdo as a candidate, Mistral: USC stands in front of the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense shipbuilding industry

DVKD "Dokdo" as an alternative to the "Mistral": USC stands in front of the interests of the Defense Ministry of the Russian shipbuilding industry

The main essence of the proposals of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC), the Ministry of Defence to make out as a candidate, "Mistral" South Korean DVKD "Dokdo" is that USC does not want to lose a big contract to build ships of this class at the facilities of Russian shipbuilding industry.

As you know, the French side in the negotiations with Russia insists on producing in France 2-DVKD "Mistral" and the transfer of the license to build another 2-ships of such class in Russia. The major subcontractors licensed program there will also speak French companies. In this scenario, the lion fraction of French producers will get the money, and that huge amounts of money.

Moreover, the Ministry of Defense, according to TSAMTO in the benchmark would have preferred even upgrade all 4 vehicles in France. According to the MoD, it will speed up work time and reduce the cost of example program. In other words, Russian industry in the project initially relegated to a marginal role.

In the subtext offers USC clearly traced hard to reach from the Defense Ministry's intention to open a tender for the purchase of ships of this class, including the role of the Russian developers.

"We hope that the Ministry of Defence, given that shows, candidates will hold a friendly and open competition for the construction of ships for the Russian Navy this specification. Especially since the assurance that such competition will be announced on the part of the Ministry of Defence previously sounded "- said the USC.

The report USC notes that DVKD such as "Dokdo" can be built at the facilities of USC for 36 months.

At the same time, and it is the main link suggestions USC, "in case of analog design Russian general terms of work will increase by only 18 months. With all of this absolutely USC ready to design Russian such ship types with long-term re-planning of the Russian Navy. "

In other words, USC Defense offers two options — either licensed establishment DVKD such as "Dokdo" in the facilities of USC, if the foreground is the urgency of the work, or the design and construction of the ship such class in Russia, if it goes on long programmke purchases of Russian Navy ships of such class .

USC convincingly proves its position, namely, by a trivial advantage select "Dokdo" in comparison with the "Mistral". With all of this emphasizes that the choice must in all cases be made based on the results of the tender.

According to the report, "the main advantage of this option is that USC in a joint venture with a Korean company" Daewoo Shipbuilding End Marin Engineering "(" The Star-DSME ») has the opportunity to purchase a license for this ship and its construction in Russia. Creating a "Mistral" in France at the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire will be virtually the same order in Korea, as the French shipyard owned by the Korean company STX. But Russian Federation profitable to create such ship at a joint venture made under the supervision of the Russian state. "

According to USC, the price of construction "Dokdo" in Russia is estimated at 450 million dollars. The price of "Mistral" according voiced by the Defense Ministry, will be 600 million euros. "We find it reasonable to make out more financially lucrative offer," — noted in SMA.

In addition, DVKD "Dokdo" is a more modern ship of the class, and on a number of key tactical and technical characteristics of superior DVKD French "Mistral", — the report says OSK.

That's why USC has to build ships of this class at Russian shipyards belonging to United Shipbuilding Corporation. USC guarantees the highest quality of work and the implementation of them in the required time frame.

As stated in the USC, the proposal on behalf of the President of USC Roman Trocenko in the address Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov received March 3, 2010. February 25, 2010 a similar proposal was aimed Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky.

USC's appeal was the second "open" expression of protest against Russian shipbuilders uncontested intent to purchase DVKD Defense of the "Mistral".

Last week, Shipyard "Yantar" appealed to the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to understand the validity of the proposed purchase by the Ministry of Defence helicopter carriers "Mistral".

In accordance with the general procedure of public procurement of the Defense Ministry must issue a tender for the purchase of DVKD. In this case, the potential bidders may be France, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea (along with USC), and, perhaps, a number of Russian companies.

On the part of the Ministry of Defence until now there is no exact answer to the question of why preference is given specifically French project. For example, the French project DVKD "Mistral" in 2007, lost to the Spanish company "Navantiya" Tender for the supply of 2-DVKD for the Royal Australian Navy. Of course, the reason for losing DVKD "Mistral" Royal Australian Navy in the tender must be thoroughly analyzed before taking a final decision on the purchase order or DVKD from another manufacturer, even more so without an official announcement of the tender, and in a straight purchase.


South Korea

South Korean Navy launched the first helicopter landing ship dock "Dokdo" in 2005 and adopted it in 2007. By 2016, the Navy plans to adopt two more ships of this class.

DVKD "Dokdo" as an alternative to the "Mistral": USC stands in front of the interests of the Defense Ministry of the Russian shipbuilding industry

DVKD class "Dokdo" is a ship length 199 m, width 31 m and the largest displacement of 19 tons, speed — 23 knots (43 km / h). The ship equip with modern radar equipment and air defense system. DVKD can carry up to 700 people, 10 tanks, air group of 10-12 helicopters and two amphibious hovercraft.

DVKD "Dokdo" after a small modification of the deck can also be used as a light aircraft carrier with a small air group.


In service with the French Navy has two DVKD "Mistral". The contract for their construction was signed with DCNS in January 2001. The total price of the agreement amounted to 428.5 million dollars (in 2001 prices).

DVKD "Dokdo" as an alternative to the "Mistral": USC stands in front of the interests of the Defense Ministry of the Russian ship
building industry

The lead ship of the series "Mistral" (w / o L9013) was laid on July 10, 2003, launched on 6 October 2004 and handed over to the French Navy December 15, 2006. Construction of "Tonnera" began in December 2004. June 25, 2006 ship was launched, and in March 2007 passed by the French Navy.

In April 2009, as part of the French government implemented a plan to stimulate the defense industry companies «STX France" and DCNS signed construction contracts for the French Navy third DVKD "Mistral". Approximate price agreement of 420 million euros (554 million dollars). The groundbreaking ceremony DVKD, received the title of "Diksmund" accomplished January 20, 2010 the company "Cruise" of the company «STX France" in Saint-Nazaire. As expected, tests third vessel class "Mistral" will begin in May 2011. Adoption DVKD adopted the French Navy is scheduled for 2012 year. From the perspective of the French Navy can be built two DVKD.

DVKD class "Mistral" is a ship length 199 m, a width of 32 meters, a displacement of 21,600 tons and a draft of 6.2 m main propulsion spacecraft consists of 4 diesel generators "Wartsila" a total capacity of 20.8 MW, which provide electricity to two rotary propulsion motors "Alstom-Mermaid." E-propulsion system of the vessel can reach speeds of 19 knots. Distance sea crossing at a speed of 15 knots is 11 thousand nautical miles. The highest level of automation has permitted to reduce the ship's crew of up to 160 people a fixed composition.

The project includes the ability to set the vessel 2-PU MANPADS "Simbad" with missiles "Mistral", 2-30-mm guns "Breda-Mauser" and four 12.7 mm machine guns MN-2B.

On the deck area of 5200 square meters. m are 6 helicopters weighing up to 16 tonnes, the type NH-90 or "Tiger." Even before the 10 helicopters may be in the cargo hangar.

DVKD 450 can carry one hundred percent-equipped troops, 60 light armored vehicles, or 13 MBT "Leclerc". The ship is equipped with an internal dock, in which there are two landing craft air cushion type LCAC or four tank landing boats of the type of STM.

The ships of the "Mistral" can be used as a helicopter landing ship dock, a floating hospital, the evacuation of the vessel for humanitarian missions, as well as the ship's command and control. The equipment includes three-coordinate radar, satellite communications station "Syracuse-3", "Inmarsat" and "Flitsatkom" automatic command and control "Zenit-9", information and command system of SIC-21.

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