EKO hospital received a shipment of UAZ

Health facilities in East Kazakhstan handed over the keys to 18 new ambulance cars.

According to the health department, the acquisition of ambulances from the regional budget was allocated 53 900 thousand tenge.

 At the ceremony, noted that over the past 2 years purchased 37 vehicles, and soon the region will receive 7 more ambulances for emergency services through the national budget and 5 units for linear transport ambulances. For this purpose from the state budget allocated 259 500.0 thousand tenge.

However, while it does not provide the industry's need to fully upgrade the fleet. Updated only 40% of the fleet the healthcare industry that, given the distance and location of settlements is not enough.

"But we're working on it, and with the growth of our economy in the next 2 years we will bring this figure to at least 60-70% — said at the ceremony, Mayor Berdybek Saparbaev.

The Regional Administration and the Department of Health congratulated the heads of the regional hospitals with Nauryz and agreed that on the eve of the holiday — a great gift for remote communities, for the benefit and health which will operate the new transport ambulance

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