Emergencies Ministry forces in Serbia enough to cope with forest fires

MES is ready to send to Serbia for additional firefighting aircraft, but as long as this is not necessary, according to the deputy director of the department of international activities MES of Russia Valery Suika, located in Serbia.

He reiterated that in this country extinguish wildfires two aircraft Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Be-200 and IL-76, arrived there about a week ago. In addition, earlier in the framework of the Russian-Serbian humanitarian center in Nis was transferred Ka-32. He put out the fires in Serbia, and then he was sent to fight wildfires in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the request of that country.

"If necessary, may increase the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry forces. We are ready to send another Be-200 and Mi-26, but so far there is no need," — said Suika. He explained that a major fire in a national park in Serbia, which now runs the Russian air force planned to locate and put out in the coming days.

Also today, from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia returns the Ka-32. "While the situation is not so critical to build up strength. Existing (power) is sufficient to cope with the situation," — said Suika.

He also said that another source of fire came on the eve of the administrative border with Kosovo. "But, unfortunately, KFOR, referring to the appropriate order, aircraft are not allowed to approach to the Kosovo border, and so the air can not extinguish the fire," — said the representative of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. According to him, the Serbian authorities are trying to negotiate to aircraft allowed to operate on the border with Kosovo.

In turn, the deputy head of the Interior Ministry of Serbia — Head of the Department for Emergency Situations Predrag Marychev thanked the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry for their assistance. "Without aviation MES, we would not have managed to reduce the area of fire and localize the situation," — he said.

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