Emergency mode introduced in six districts due to heavy snow Transbaikalia

The power of six of the 32 districts of Trans-Baikal region have introduced a state of emergency due to difficulties in providing farm animals caused by precipitation of heavy snow and form a dense snowpack in the pastures, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the regional representative of the Ministry of Agriculture.

"Weather seriously feed adjusted balance on farms, animals have to be translated into stabling. Emergency mode introduced in Onon, Argun, and three areas Kyrinskom Agin Buryat district in the south of the region. Efforts to preserve the number of animals," — said the source.

According to him, since the beginning of winter in the agricultural loss of cattle was 1.3% of the sheep population, or 3.5 thousand heads, and 0.5% of the number of cattle and horses. Zootechnical disposal rate is 3% of the turnover of the herd.

"Of particular concern is the small cattle. Significant sheep deaths occurred in Argun, Aga, Duldurginskom areas. Main cause of death of the animals on the conclusion of veterinarians is a disease of the digestive and respiratory tracts. Causing considerable damage and wolves. Since the beginning of winter wolves crushed 450 sheep, 29 head of cattle and 15 horses, "- said the representative of the Ministry.

The representative of the regional department for civil defense and fire told RIA Novosti on Thursday that the regional government is considering the introduction of state of emergency in the entire region.

"This will accumulate financial and logistical resources to resolve the situation," — said the representative of the department.

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