Emergency mode introduced in three districts of Stavropol because locusts

Emergency mode introduced in three districts of Stavropol because locust on pest control from the reserve fund the governor allocated 30 million rubles, said on Wednesday the government's Office for gosinformpolitike edge.

The Office notes that due to the abnormally warm weather locusts appeared in the province two weeks earlier than usual. To date, the specialists of the branch FSI "Rosselhoztsentr" on the edge of the surveyed about 700 thousand hectares of land, a locust revealed an area of over 400,000 hectares. Pockets of settlement locusts present only in the pastures, the authorities are aiming to avoid the destruction of pests forage plants and prevent them from the margins.

"In Neftekumsk, Arzgirskom and Levokumskij areas found most large pockets of population of locusts, introduced a state of emergency. Allocated funds from the reserve fund will be used for protective measures in those areas can not cope with the locusts in the home, as well as to bring to the fight the pest himaviatsii "- quoted administration Deputy Agriculture Minister Anatoly Kutsenko.

Stavropol region also expects to get help to fight the locusts from the federal budget.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the region, the drought has caused locust, and its reproduction is created the most favorable conditions, especially in Levokumskij Neftekumsk and areas that have the greatest areas of pasture. Agriculture edge notes that the number of pests is increasing.

"In addition to biological reasons for this phenomenon is no real fight against locusts in Dagestan and Kalmykia. Due to the current situation destruction events locusts have to spend the entire spring and summer. If not treated, winged grasshoppers, and it will migrate to central region that would bring even more significant damage, "- said the Ministry of Agriculture of the region.

As explained in the ministry, to eliminate the effects of drought and locust, on behalf of the governor of the region quickly created an office to eliminate the consequences of abnormal weather and pest control.

"The staff, headed by the Governor himself, undertook the formation of financial support measures to farmers. They will in a short time to help those who have suffered from natural emergencies. Including developed measures for households, due to drought which may need help" — said the Ministry of Agriculture of Stavropol.

According to the ministry, the aircraft has already started working in Neftekumsk area. The Governor called for the heads of municipalities and farmers to concentrate their efforts in order to minimize the damage caused by adverse natural events Stavropol.

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