Eastern tradition tells of four centuries — the period of the existence of humanity, of successive: Age-wise Brahmins, Kshatriyas, the warrior age, the age of merchants vashyu and last — Century servants sudras. Comparison of the features of these centuries shows us that we are living at the end of the century Sudras, the shortest of all ages.

What is a Sudra? Sudra becomes a person starts to live fraud.

Sage and teacher, who had forgotten about God and began preaching his (gag), exalts himself and does not want to learn myself, degrades and becomes a sudra.
Soldier, who had forgotten their duty of protection of God's order and began to serve themselves (perjurer, robber, mercenary defender unjust order) — becomes a sudra.
Merchant, unsatisfied fair exchange of goods and wants rich quick — becomes a speculator (usury, banker, stockbroker, liar) — Shudra.
And finally, the servants, who, instead of honest in obedience lovchat, reptiles, seek immediate benefits and trying to please two masters, become lackeys-Sudras. Shudras — people who have lost conscience, waste of human evolution. Shudra lives deceit

— First of all, it is apostate. Deceiving God, inventing yourself comfortable religion and "god" that can be manipulated. No he does not have faith, but there is a lot of superstition. He likes to "send religious needs" with ostentatious piety (as do psevdopravoslavnye psevdonabozhnye priests and "laity." — Ed.)

— Cheating neighbor and feeds this deception. Or actively participates in a strange deception, or a blind eye to fraud, because it is profitable;

— Deceiving himself, runs away from himself, giving himself plenty of fun and obscuring his conscience drugged-down substances — tobacco and wine — thus closing a path of repentance and salvation.

Wine — drink century sudras. Tobacco — the smell century sudras. The game — the meaning of life.
They do not live and trade in stocks, win elections, gain points, lose the war, play political map, put everything on the line, go for broke.
Game — invented the phenomenon in which the manipulator (cheater) offers darmovschinoy tempted to act according to its rules, which are contrary to the truth of an immutable laws of God, the All-Holy, righteous, wise and eternal.

In its manifestations Sudras like monkeys: they are not important to be and seem. They, like the monkeys had taken over an empty city, "build" it their civilization. They — actors. But the actor, who plays the sage — it's not wise.

Sudra, "sage" — Just a parody of the sage, and the "wisdom" of his fussy gordelivozemnaya. It is organically incapable to speak and accept the truth, because constantly lying. Shudra considers himself a "good psychologist and analyst." He has a completely earthly body-mind.
Desire to seem alive could make him reflect on the spiritual. He — a small-town chief and little Fuhrer.
Because purchased power Sudras are so eager for autonomy to the head of each part of the divided country was your mikromudrets.
They are completely devoid of a sense of responsibility. Look for titles and honors. They think that "any group of friends can call themselves academics." These eternal actors from monkey extol themselves in loud 'title. "
Sudra, "warrior" — A man without honor, and internal resistance, the seeker who profit from selling out, but vociferously defending external regalia of his "honor."
He loves to pose, uniforms, uniforms, hardware, arms waving like a monkey, pick up the arsenal.
And he does not want to know about the huge responsibility of the warriors: "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity: he that
sword kills with the sword must be killed. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints "(Rev 13,10).
Sudra, 'merchant' likes to reflect on the honesty. But the whole world for him consists of cheaters. In this he finds justification own dishonesty.
Sudras invent their own science. In fact — "knowledge is separated from justice is knavery, not wisdom."
Instead thirst for knowledge they have — the trick. Invented their own laws.
It is known that with the growth of domestic mayhem, of losing conscience and domestic law, based on it, is growing and expanding external legislation.
"Lost equity — the law grows. The law is the extinction of devotion and faith "(Lao Tzu). In the absence of conscience, Sudras in society are trying to stop the chaos and self-destruction of the regulation of each step of man. Only domestic law can not be replaced by an external.
Therefore, they do not work and can not happen.
For them in the law of God is silent, because they departed from him. A morality replaced morality. At the heart of this moral slogan: "Do not be caught — not a thief." Their favorite phrase: "You prove it!" Most respected among them — the one that can most finesse written law. A most necessary profession — lawyer.
Sudras live a lie and completely packed with lies. So why would not they, who had seized power everywhere (as they think), not called, finally, a spade a spade? Stop calling the decline — the development, the pogroms — reforms ruin — investments, mass murder — "ethnic cleansing."
But the image of God in man and in the world is so strong that they are unwillingly forced to lead a double game.
They are not willing to plead scum (ie people that fell to the bottom), and carefully wrapped around itself wrong clothes.
Their "culture" is extremely vulgar and everything is based on forgeries. It is full of cynicism and attempts to infect all the "flavors" of decomposition.
Sudras constantly create idols. They have their legions of "writers" and "Poetry", "composers" and "musicians". In his imitation of "art" for the species they are trying to express is high, but only express his own. Instead of the spirit of delight — squeezing tears of joy instead of high — cynicism.
In general, it appears that they are in a frantic attempt to destroy the rebellion all the Kingdom of God and to build his own, for his father — who is the devil, the father of lies.
Having fallen away from God, they have lost the truth and therefore ceased to understand the law of the Universe.
And live in fear of God's World, because people fear what they do not understand. And trying to destroy the world and make their own, in their "laws". But they have turned an ordinary monkey.
The main lure for Sudras — get for nothing.
Its main feature — venality. He tries on the money. Truth he replaced profitably. "The benefit, profit and gain more time."
He does not trust anyone, because everything is measured by its damaged by lies, nature.
About Century Shudra said, that for three hundred percent of the profits they will go to any crime. Greed — their virtue.
But in order to buy something right, it is necessary to sell anything unnecessary. You can only sell what people do on their own to dispose. In a man — it is his soul. And the buyer is known and waiting.
The main manifestation of the sudras — betrayal. He goes to his earthly goals through the treachery of the image and likeness of God in himself. Because he naturally betrays their loved ones, then — their people.
The essence of his soul — groveling, developing in front rabolepstvovanie force. He calls the Antichrist, waiting for his arrival and prepares his coming.
From this follows the sense of power-state apostate sudra. He — sealed inside the system, which decreases the vitality and accumulated chaos. Because he is always hungry energy, does not take cleanliness and sows around the mess and dirt (the same chaos).
Tremendous internal pride closes from him repentance. Because it produces energy from the deception.
Shudra really can not lie, because he is so constituted, or rather himself settled down, choosing the path of falsehood.
Mining vitality of others (vampirism) is always based on deception and is in the following ways:

— Seizure of power as an energy source (Shudra power hungry and wants to be at least a little, but the president);

— Robbery and fraud (banking, finance, media, advertising, trade reform, the mafia, politics, theft);

— To attract attention (stage, TV, deliberately cheeky unprincipled politics, specifically seeks to evoke a sense of impotent rage and the feeling that they have "everything under control");

— Evoking envy for its financial position (Ratings of "richest people" of the World, Europe, Russia, Moscow, and so on), his appearance and his fame (Guinness World Records), his "genius";

— Aggressive pressure on the near (smoking, vandalism, terrorism, newspaper articles, political intimidation);

— Spiritual bondage (smoking, drinking, sectarianism, sexual molestation, prostitution, drug addiction).

Shudra rapidly stupid and falls into ignorance, because a blind eye to the truth. The end of his path always the same — the madness and death.
"Many honest people dizzy shudrovskogo frenzied dance of their simian affectation and flickering. Our brethren have come to despair and even start to believe these monkeys — from a letter to the newspaper "Russian Messenger" — … members of his (Satan) — not less intelligent, sagacious, for gram, millimeter by cleverly and subtly winning back its borders, taking himself politics, finance, media, management of the state, the army, the security forces, science, art — everything and everyone! Even the Church! How are you going in such terrible circumstances is something fundamentally changed? After all, they will not give the gift of power … "

== This they achieved! That we acknowledge their power over you.
In fact, any power they have. Moreover, do they exist in some other world, which we, if we follow the commandments of God, nowhere can not even touch. ==

Imagine: they look crappy TV, sell Russian foreign sudras, do not buy their "products" — a completely unnecessary or harmful (synthetic) and always have a price much higher than the value in use.
Do not play with them any games. And do not pay any attention to all their monkey faces.
They constantly beckoning us to come to the election of the "presidents", their "governors" and their "deputies". And we just did not come. For them, the important thing is to throw their business, we are engaged in their affairs. To come and participate. Or just to pay attention to them (that is, to recognize their power over us and they spent their strength).
Without our participation in their flickering of our attention and they all fall apart at once, BECAUSE ALL OF "LIFE" is possible only at our expense. The game is held only on those who agreed to play.
We can easily live without them, if not succumb to their tricks. We have in this world, in this short life on earth has enough things.
Each of us has his own business. Everyone must try to save his soul. People around us that we can and should help.
"The Great Mystery" Sudras, they had no one ever told — it is their complete impotence and inability to anything other than follow the form.
After all, their boss — the devil. Their only strength — in our weakness.
They are with us until we agree to feed them. And they will not, as we firmly believe in God and to love the truth.
Shudra century ends. Go to the last seconds. Spirit of Truth comes into the world.
Sudras cling life trying deception pass to the New World. And in front of them waiting abyss.
After age Shudra natural order should be in light and truth, but to survive and become stronger among the chaos and darkness can only followeth bright, true life.

On materials KL Ryabtseva.

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