Energovampirizm — is part of modern life

December 24, 2011 16:13

Energy vampires themselves are not aware of whether they are harmful qualities. Many people are likely to say that sometimes feel strange and uncomfortable even after a short conversation with some individuals, whether its a friend or a stranger. A person can feel tired after such communication. As it turned out, this is what happens after the "attack" of the energy vampire. Unlike "real" vampires, which are selected out of the graves at night and kill people, drinking their blood and energy vampires need to absorb the energy of others.

Russian Sergey Nikodimov parapsychologist, an expert on anomalous phenomena, believes that energy vampirism — a part of everyday reality. "Numerous research works carried out bio-around the world, showed that all the people in the world can be divided into two categories — vampires and donors. Every person emits a living biological energy, he or she can take someone or to give to someone. This quality of a person acquires at birth. If a child is born energy vampire, then it becomes very moody. As they get older, it follows on the heels of their parents and even tries to sleep with them at night. Typically, a person is not aware that it has an energy requirement of other people, the exchange takes place at a subconscious level. However, the human body perceives this invisible connection and responds to it by fatigue, headache, etc. The man in the morning can feel overwhelmed. Moreover, the energy loss in communication can lead to depression and a weakened immune system, "- says the professor.

Sergei Nikodimov notes that energy vampires do not realize the presence at such harmful qualities. Most of them know nothing about the harm they cause, for the reason that, as a rule, they act instinctively. "Energy Vampires feel from time to time, they need a refill of biological energy. They take this energy from others, thus maintaining their health and causing physical harm to others, "- said the scientist.

However, regardless of all the negative side, one could say that the energy vampires can be very nice people. They may even suffer when they saw it, what trouble they cause to people. To top it all vampires can not stand in the face of the Depression, when they see that no one wants to be friends with them.

Energy Vampires unconsciously provoke scandals to "freshen up" force contradictions. Any person is helpless in the face of anger: this is exactly the time when vampires can easily get access to energy. They often visit the places where the accidents occurred. Among aficionados of sports as much energy vampires as huge stadiums — is always accumulation of large amounts of psychic energy.

Energy vampires do not like to spend time alone, next to them always has to be someone with whom they can at any time to talk. They usually like to repeat phrases such as "Stay still with me, I'm bored" or "Do not leave me, or I'll die," etc. In addition, they always want to make other people sympathized with them, which often annoys donors and thus they are "open" to starve yourself of energy.

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