Energy-structure called the Soul

March 12, 2012 5:52


It is strange that this man is also a family name, first name and patronymic. Somehow it does not fit into these earthly human names. And i do not want to call it by my name, and in another, a mysterious and beautiful — the Master, for example, or whatever like that.

But on the other hand — a completely normal person. Specialist, who gave many years of defense industry of the country. Representative of mainstream science and completely official state institutions — the Institute of Computer Science, Technology and Economics (formerly the Institute for Advanced Education in electronic industry), the Academy of defense industries in Russia. But despite the fact that our conversation for purely scientific matter — to me, this conversation at times seems a scene from some science fiction novel. And in the name of the laboratory, where, in fact, we talk, we have something does not fit into the usual understanding of a scientific institution: the laboratory of social ecology and methods of karmic effects.

Vyacheslav GUBANOV — author of a unique method of correction of health, and the nature of fate, the elimination of stress and the harmonization of interpersonal relations — without drugs and devices, starvation, douches and diets and all without any external influences. The method was successfully applied in practice. It is based on scientific achievements have long born in the depths of our defense, but still unknown to the masses. That's why they seem to be sensational. And even — shocking. Indeed, atheists have obviously shocking conclusion of scientists about the existence of God. Believers were, — Approval of the material nature of that which is called God …

— What is common in the defense industry with concepts such as healing, psychological correction, harmonization of interpersonal relationships?

— The fact that we have always traditionally been informed about the latest developments of the industry, which is called "defense." And there are concentrated the most progressive ideas. And all around the world — and we have information on many of these laboratories in different countries — a lot of attention is paid to the diagnosis and neapparatnoy neapparatnogo human exposure. But everyone is trying not to show the current level: psychotronic refers to the most secret area. Nevertheless committed responsibly can be said that the priority in this industry — it is for our country. And now that the state is no longer so hard dictates of our activities are concentrated here looking for highly skilled resources to continue his scientific work they have given more than a dozen years. Because they see that this work is promising that we are at the most advanced level in the world.

— How did you personally come to this activity?

— Almost all of those who are currently working in this field, and I among them, have come to this occupation, faced with impotence medicine. Had a fatal situation. All medical luminaries shrugged helplessly, but regularly took money. And live like. And when I want to live — the person included "dumalka 'and he starts looking for a way out.

Many such cases. An example can design aircraft engine Mikulin, who during the war in '42 as disabled and doctors promised that he has only six months before his death. And then he developed his own system: a man came as aircraft engines, which he felt very well. As a result, not only successfully survived and qualitatively transformed. It was a unique occasion for those times. The book, which described his system, was published under the heading "DSP" (for internal use).

— You are developing your method, too, came from its main activities?

— Certainly. I am a specialist in non-contact naval weapons systems — is the physical field, this system of distribution and recognition of information, and so on. In addition, we all — the specialists in the field of computing.

— Do you come to the person as a computer?

— Of course. Because there is a direct analogy: all the laws related to information processes in microprocessor systems are applicable to humans. And we were able to do that in one branch of science still could be done: the so-called measured chronal field, that is, the human body in the fourth dimension — time. You can view these chronal field as an information structure that controls the activity of the human brain.

— Chronal field — this is what is called biofield?

— No — this is what is called karma. Karma — it is the law of cause and effect of human existence in time. Biofield — is only a manifestation of karmic interactions in a given time. But when we see the aura changed over time — from the conception of man until now — so this is the karmic body, chronal field. Another name — the soul. Topology chronal these fields we are very well studied. They have their own configuration, density, size — that is quite certain physical parameters.

— Usually, the representatives of official science does not operate with such concepts as the soul. Official science believes that the physical body of man is primary.

— We agree with the official point of view. It does not contradict the fact that we do. We also confirm that the physical body is primary. But consider this physical body is different. Simply, there are different levels of density of matter. What is called karma, chronal fields, soul — it is also matter, but more delicate matter.

— So you are saying that the soul is material. But this can be said, a revolution in the scientific world view.

— We have already gained the picture of the universe. Look what's going on at these low levels. And we are ready to present this picture of people. For this purpose, even began publishing a magazine called "Stalking". Ready to introduce people to safety, because people still in these subtle planes are present, there are still, though, and do not know it — and reap the fruits of their illiteracy.

— And the structure of the universe? God it is?

— For every man there is an objective fact that it can be called God. I was a materialist can assert this. And each person has the opportunity to get acquainted with the fact that he is God. Any religion will tell you that God is within us. And we just looked at where it is within us, what it is and how to contact them. The only question is whether a man can come into contact with this coherent energy-structure or not.

— All religions and philosophies believe that God is unknowable to humans at all. Are you able to know what it is?

— I can draw you now what it is. (Draw a circle on a piece of paper. — Ed.). Here is what can be called God. Or Spirit. Spirit — that is.

— And why is it so?

— Because it is physics. Physics describes it as a spheroid. Is the Spirit, which is the surface — the road. In time the people on the spheroid. And the task of the individual — smoothen the surface of the spheroid. When a person does not behave correctly, sins, inadequate reaction to the world around us — he smoothes the surface, on the contrary, it disturbs and thus aggravates his karma, his fate. Spirit — that is something that is part of a person and also outside it. This is what a person perceives as God. We are now quite free personal contact with these intelligent structures.

— Go back to your method. What is it made of?

— We can graphically display the karmic line person with any accuracy, for example up to five minutes to paint that person did, in what circumstances and with what enthusiasm throughout his life. However, such accuracy is usually not necessary. Our task — to find the last person, the cause of his illness, conflicts or other troubles. This cause is an event which caused stress and the corresponding mark on the left brain and in the fields of information rights. In such cases, we are often faced with a situation where medicine can not cure, or even a diagnosis. We learned how to defuse stressful situations that have occurred in the past, stuck in the brain and have caused the disease. In principle, this is a completely new approach to concepts such as human health and life.

— You work without the use of technology?

— At one time, we were given the task to develop techniques to help people without instruments, without medication and in any environment. For example, the fighting goes — and we have a person of any damage after the restoration and speedy recovery. We managed to do it. In principle, you can use technology — but when working in the fields of common technique chronal simply fails. Traditionally in computers "flying" the CPU when starting a job — are the physical fields that are excited about the person. By the way, there is a person working in the fields chronal, nervous, and computers fail, the clock stops, the batteries are discharged.

— And I do not accidentally stop the recorder?

— Recorder you can not stop. We see that technology import, sit quietly, "Do not breathe" on your recorder.

— That you have this ability from birth or can develop?

— Potentially they have each person, and everyone can develop them. Another thing, someone how long it will need.

— So, you're the last man in his karmic field is the cause of the disease and eliminate it. But if we see the disease as retribution for some sins — unless something can be mechanically correct in this field? Guilt as this person is not removed.

— All categorically wrong. If we did that, we would certainly have long been dead. Of course, nothing can be mechanically correct. It does not happen to people "tap out" screw tucked — and he is healthy. Yes, we did consider the disease as a sin. Was sin man was inadequate in their behavior outside world. As a result, he received a blow — emotional energy. So remember this strike, that lives with him. And while not solve this problem — it hurts. That is why any methods that are appropriate to the person outside (medication, surgical, ESP), provide only temporary relief or relocating the problem to a different level: for example, light cure — sick kidneys.

We do not treat the disease but the person and not his body, and soul. The essence of our method is that the patient himself corrects his field. And we humans only to lead up to that point in his past, where he got his problems and give him a technology with which he can get out of the "ditch" and continue to avoid repeating mistakes.

— What is this technology?

— For example: 'Love your enemy. Very good technology! Especially for domestic squabbles — just superb, as is effective. We usually start with this. Anyone without any training can imagine a person who thinks the enemy, and to wish him good health. Love him. And then this man for a long time will not think badly of you.

— Easy to say love. And if in all resists?

— Here's the problem. People do not know that thought is material. They have no idea what the real physical processes can run, if you truly love the person. People do not understand how you can love the enemy. Here we explain how to do this. First, we force to look at the person who's giving you a lot of trouble on the other side. He — your teacher, because it shows you your weaknesses. So train, strengthen your weaknesses, build your life in a different way — and that person no longer have to pull! And if it is pathological aggressor — so there are properties information fields, protect the person if he thinks positively. Is physics of these phenomena. We explain how to operate these field's shell when you have a good think about the person.

— All the things you do, the people called witchcraft. And it really science?

— This is a very serious science — Psychology. The science of the reserve powers of man that the world has already been officially recognized on a par with physics, mathematics, chemistry and other basic sciences. And the International Academy of Sciences acmeologic already created.

— This is Psychology? And what then — psychotronic?

— Psychotronic — is the old name, and I can say that psychotronic primarily concerned with the influence of the human psyche with the help of instruments.

— To you often ask people who ask to fix destiny?

— For us, this is a standard situation. As a rule, people torturing things: failure in family life, inability to raise a family. And very often the case that the person just is not certain spectral component in its field — what is called sexual dominant. And you can find a time when it was turned off this spectrum in humans — and turn it on again. This is quite easy to do — for those, of course, who knows how.

— So, the fate is not so predestined?

— In a very large extent predetermined by fate. And if the person is not engaged in these very karmic correction, predestination can be very, very high. If a person does not evolve spiritually — in many cases it is burdening the state. And to improve your condition, it is necessary to know the laws that govern the activities of subtle planes of man. And then you can learn from their troubles, to correct his karmic body. When you do it — you get something that is for everyone the most expensive and the worst — freedom. Freedom from the effects of the past, the illiterate behavior of errors not only his, but his ancestors descent (genealogical) tree. Freedom from predetermined own destiny.

— You and your destiny, too, can I fix it?

— What we are doing. But this is not a one-time event. This process must be continuous. In the East there is a saying that those who live, he goes, who stays, he fell.

— You were happier as a result?

— One hundred percent. DO NOT just happier, and much happier. Changes occurred very serious — and objectively, they are very positive.

— There are people that you can not save?

— Sometimes a man has fulfilled its purpose for this incarnation of the Spirit, he goes from here, because he has no interest to live. There are also people who have given up on her hand, such as alcoholics, and slowly fade away. So it is impossible to help people — correct karma, not corrected the problem … If the Spirit is not implemented in terms of the spirit of man is a dead end — there is a "weeding" human material.

— So, the person lives in the world more than once?

— Let's just say we got a good enough argument to lean in favor of the theory of reincarnation. We even had to build their technology to the fact that many human lifetimes. There are certain characteristics that are clearly saying that the man who lives there now, could three generations ago in this genus is also present.

— After all, how all of this — these energy-field, the laws by which they exist?

— The physical properties of the medium, where the deployment of human life.

— You can say, from God?

-From the physical laws of nature. Do you want to — say "God." God — this is also nature. Yes, all of God: all of Nature.

Rector of the "International Institute of Social Ecology"

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