Engine rolled project Rus-M found the use of other missiles

The engine rolled project "Rus-M" have been used on other rocketsProduction on the engine for a promising missiles "Rus-M", which work to create frozen, will be useful when building engines for other missiles, said the executive director of the engine-company NPO "Energomash" (Khimki, Capital) Vladimir sun.

"Slider developed and brought to the stage of conceptual design. The work on it is finished, but acquired its design output we currently sold on the other rocket engines, "- said Solncev" Interfax ".

According to him, as needed suspended project RD-180M engine for "Rus-M" always be thawed and brought to the end. "If there are needs, I think that this project can always be revived. He was brought up to a certain phase, and thereafter as required every generation can be applied in the development of the new engine, "- said General Director of the company.

Earlier, the head Roscosmos Vladimir Popovkin, speaking in the State Duma, said the government decided on the time to complete the development of missiles, "Rus-M", and at the launch site in the eastern Amur region to build a launch facility not under it, and under rocket "Soyuz-2".

For the needs of Roscosmos rather "the most reliable rocket" Soyuz "and" Proton "rocket as" Angara ", the creation of which is nearing completion," — said the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency. "The development of modern rockets, until we left the iron on the paper, we have stopped," — said Popovkin.

So Makar, he singled out, about any recent rocket launch from Baikonur East in 2015 out of the question.

In turn, the deputy head of Roscosmos Vitaly Davydov told journalists that the curtailment of the latest development of the carrier rocket "Rus-M" due to the shortcoming of the allocated funds for this work, and the fact that this rocket on a number of features developed by repeats at the moment the rocket "Angara".

Shortly before the Scientific and Technical Council, consisting of representatives of the leading companies in the space industry, has approved the technical project missiles "Rus-M", and adopted its willingness to defend the Defense Ministry and the Russian Space Agency. In the NTS took part representatives of Roscosmos, JSC "RSC" Energia ", JSC" Makeev State Rocket ", FSUE" TSENKI "and JSC" Ipromashprom "EDO" Spectrum ", the 4th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Institute of FSUE" Keldysh Research Center " JSC "NPO" Energomash ", JSC" KBKhA "," Plastic ", JSC" CSW ", FSUE" TsNIIMash. "

It was reported earlier that the competition for the design of modern rocket middle class over-capacity "Rus-M" won the 2009 Municipal Research and Production Space Rocket Center "Progress Samara Space Center" along with Rocket and Space company "Energy" and the Municipal Rocket Center Makeyev.

According to the disk imaging, posted on the website of "Progress Samara Space Center", new girl rocket must be a two-stage. Its design feature is the introduction of a universal missile unit. The first step is a bunch of 3 of these units are installed oxygen-kerosene engines RD-180 development of scientific and production association "Energomash". At the second stage planned to use an oxygen-hydrogen engines RD-146 Design Bureau of Chemical Automatics development. Starting weight of the launch vehicle — 673 tons, length — 61 m, width — 11.6 m "Rus-M" will be able to output a low radial orbit desired payload of 23.8 tonnes

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