Especially tough stance Milinkevich criticize the team Neklyaeva

Moscow will try to dismiss Alexander Lukashenko as president for a year and a half, said Alexander Milinkevich German newspaper. According to the leader of the Movement "For Freedom", the main political intrigue in the country will begin after the presidential election on December 19, which, in his opinion, of course, to win Alexander Lukashenko. According to Milinkevich, after the elections, Russia will try to shift the Lukashenko as president. About this statement Milinkevich yes about other political events of the week we talk to the columnist of "Freedom" Vitaly Tsygankova.

Hanna Sous: Vitali, both in Minsk evaluate statement Milinkevich what they say about it in political circles?

Vitaly Tsigankov: I admit that such statements Milinkevich different political structures evaluated fairly ambiguous. On the one hand, there are many people who are concerned about that issue, which raised Milinkevich, the fact that indeed, the Russian factor in the recent times has become increasingly important. Both the Kremlin's intentions, which says Milinkevich look pretty obvious to many, and there is not much open.

On the other hand, many highly critical of these statements Milinkvicha Finally, as to his position at all after, he decided not to run for the election. Note that Milinkevich said that will happen after the election, which, in his opinion Lukashenko wins. But many people do not want to put up with such predetermination, they want to fight for victory in this election, not after. Especially severely criticized the position of the representatives of the team Milinkevich Vladimir Neklyaeva, who believe that such statements do not contribute to the mobilization of the forces of democracy activists in this election. In fact, here faced two policy approaches, two priorities. For some, the main thing — to overthrow Lukashenko at any cost, even with the devil, hell even though Moscow. Second Milinkevich, care about what will happen after the election — but in doing so recognize that the election is already lost.

Sous: At the end of last week in Minsk was quite remarkable event — a friendly agreement between Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and Andrei Sannikov. In your opinion, if you can call it a first step towards the unification of the opposition candidates in this election?

Tsigankov: Unfortunately, no. I sincerely ask the teams of both these candidates, will be removed in favor of Sannikov Neklyaeva — and both teams were told that no one is going to do. How, by the way, is not going to act in one's favor and the majority of the remaining 10 candidates, who are looking to be registered. However, many have somehow annoying position Neklyaeva team that believes that it is the leader of the "Tell the Truth" — the strongest candidate and all the others for the sake of the victory of democracy should be under his banner. Other candidates say, "I, too, the most promising, why do I have to appear for someone, even if it is removed for the sake of me." In any case, even if a friendly agreement on co-ordination — this is a step forward. Perhaps, when candidates have already seen that the single is unlikely to be possible to speak at least to coordinate efforts in the Square.

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