European guilt soybean infection is still not proven

Conclusion for reasons of acute intestinal infection in Europe will not be made in the near future, today warned the authorities of Germany. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of Lower Saxony (Germany), samples of soybean sprouts (supposedly became a source of infection), taken on a farm in northern Germany, is still being tested.

To date, 40 samples were tested, 23 of which have shown that they are not carriers of dangerous new strain of E. coli E.coli, reports Reuters.

The number of victims of a new dangerous strain of E. coli E.coli increased, according to official data, up to 22 people. The total number of cases is more than 2.2 thousand people. The epicenter of the infection was the north of Germany.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the disease was the soybean sprouts. On the eve of said representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Lower Saxony, saying that the study will be conducted to confirm or refute the preliminary data. The analysis had to be ready today, but experts are late to conclusions.

In view of the situation in Europe, a number of countries, including Russia, have banned the import of vegetables from the EU.

Earlier today, the German manager of the farm, which is expected to become a source of infection, rejected the accusations against his business. According to him, the farm animals are not kept, and if soybeans are not used fertilizers

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