Evacuation is being prepared in Chile in connection with a possible volcanic eruption

Authorities Chilean region of Bio Bio took the decision to start on Sunday in place a contingency plan for the evacuation of people from several villages in the area of the volcano Kopaue if its activity will increase, according to Mexican media.

The volcano is located on the border of Chile and the Argentine province of Neuquen. On the morning of last Saturday Kopaue start throwing out their mouths clouds of gas and ash reached a height of 1.5 kilometers. Sensors recorded a sharp increase in seismic activity in the area Kopaue.

Decision on readiness to evacuate was taken by the authorities after the flyby area of the volcano, as well as increasing alarm from orange to red around Kopaue. While the removal of the population at a safe distance from the volcano is not carried out, but the local rescue services are preparing for that possibility, if it is deemed necessary.

According to rescuers, all can affect the evacuation of about 1.8 thousand people in four villages near the volcano.

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