Even our military has no idea how Russian Army is efficient

Even our military has no idea how the Russian Army is efficientIt all started in Bashkiria, near the village of Urman, where seven days in a row exploded artillery ammunition. As a result, emergency homeless still more than 100 people whose houses are very affected by the explosion. Total real harm, according to preliminary data, exceeds 100 million rubles.

A few days later, about the same incident happened already in military warehouses adjoining the Udmurt Republic, where tore arsenal near the village Pugachevo. Hundreds of ammunition detonated, seriously affected the 10's houses and people. Dimensions of harm from the explosion has yet to be counted …

We do not know what conclusions will come responsible persons who are investigating the emergency occurred. One thing is clear — these explosions are completely natural phenomenon against the backdrop of the chaos, which happening today in the Ministry of Defence.

Because the main blame for the state of emergency can safely entrust our head military commander, Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

Tumults of the reform

To the position of minister of defense this man which not so long ago did business furniture in St. Petersburg, came in February 2007. They say that it is so quick career Serdyukov has only his own tests today Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, has long being in friendly relations with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev.

It seems that there may be, for kutsee the tenure of Minister Serdyukov has had time to hate an unlimited number of soldiers and officers of the Russian army. And it was for that!

Hardly taking office, the new minister publicly announced the latest military reform to, in his words, to lead our army to a modern level and increase its combat readiness. About how to raise this "readiness" says soft-spoken war in South Ossetia in August 2008.

That's what they say about Serdyukov's open proclamation of the Union of paratroopers to the President of the Russian Federation:

"Serdyukov has no credibility nor the army, nor the veterans or the public. Young people are not willing to serve under such minister. He has shown the inability to control troops in force Georgia to peace. We remember how the president "told" the defense minister of the fighting and development operations, and not vice versa. "

Logically, command and control, especially in the first hours of fighting, chaos reigned. Hence it is completely understandable and those disproportionately heavy losses suffered by our army in all military operations.

But the minister blamed … "Antiquated military structure" of our armed forces, which Tipo do not meet modern requirements. To correct the situation, he decided very unusual way — began a wholesale reduction of the army.

At present, according to the professionals of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, the twice reduced the number of military units in the Air Force and Navy. Strategic Rocket Forces mission cut by a third part, and the part of the Navy — by 20 percent. But the biggest blow came in the Minister of ground forces.

Army divisions were eliminated and the rest of the big connection. Their personnel brought in separate teams, which according to the Minister, the Tipo mobile and combat capability of the former large structures.

But first of this year, the General Staff reported to the president that more than 60 percent of these teams … No combat ready! In other words, no gain of our army, contrary to the statements bodrenkim Serdyukov did not really work out. And the whole "reform" has been reduced to an obvious reduction in people and technology. Not a lot of "under the knife of reform" went not only the army units, and the think tanks of our armed forces. That's what this says military analyst Maxim crystal:

"It was a locked filing Minister and" reformed "military universities and academies, research base, and polygons. Liquidated postgraduate courses of qualification, was destroyed by the Centre for Military and Strategic research work at the General Staff. And in recent years, generally been discontinued set of cadets in military schools. "

After that looks completely logical that a very pessimistic view of our entire military system, which gave to the press chief of the General Staff, General Nikolai Makarov: "Over the past two decades, we have been unable to bring the art of war at the current level and continue to live outdated yardstick …".

From here there is a natural question — what then still engaged minister defense in his office?

How great to be a general

Apparently, as a former merchant Serdyukov more concerned with share sale and privatization of property of the Armed Forces, released after the layoffs and other reorganizations. We are talking about the military estate in a number of large Russian cities like Nizhny Novgorod, on the proving grounds and airfields, which, after elimination of the respective military units can be implemented (or deposit) for cottage construction or under other commercial introduction. For sure, just for this, in fact, was started Serdyukovskaya "military reform".

It is interesting that the minister brought with him to the War Office a number of people who worked with him in the commercial arena. For example, the head of the Head major construction management Defence was appointed Leonid some Sorokko, the last before the owner of a construction company in St. Petersburg. Through this structure of the Ministry passes virtually all military construction budget, equal to hundreds of millions of rubles.

Two other St. Petersburg entrepreneur — Lev Vinnik and Alexander Gorbunov — were the main advisers Serdyukov in the operation of military property. They say exactly what they are developing plans for privatization excellent facilities of the Ministry of Defence in the Russian capital: it beyond the boundaries of Moscow, they practically pushed out of the Navy General Staff, Peter Lofty Academy and other military establishments.

Close to the Minister of businessmen and supervise all military supplies — from different material means to weapons systems. To learn how to pass these same delivery, recently told reporters analytical web site "FLB.ru":

"In March 2010 the board of the Ministry of Defence Main Military Prosecutor's Office said that in 2009, with public procurement in the field of defense procurement state suffered damage to one billion rubles. But informed sources in the Defense Ministry believes that the corruption picture looks even darker: it is unclear how to spend more than 50 percent of the funds allocated for the purchase of arms. And this is only a year — more than 200 billion rubles! ".

And, according to many experts, law enforcement agencies should intrigue the fact that the complete failure of state programs from the Army for acquisition contractors. The program failed because of the low wages that have offered to professional soldiers, not a good social security, housing insecurity, etc. Surprisingly, but under a program from the government has allocated a considerable sum — almost 100 billion rubles, which, as it turns out, went clear where.

Agree, it is unlikely such a clearly corrupt waste of municipal funds took place without the knowledge of senior officials of the Ministry of Defence.

itary Undercover

In general, corruption in the armed forces acquired the Minister Serdyukov just unheard of proportions. According to the head of the military prosecutor Sergei Fridinsky, in recent years, crime among commanders headed for threatening to national security level.

Here are just some examples of outrageous.

In the summer of 2009 it became clear that the Defense Ministry has purchased for thousands of airborne … defective parachutes, totaling 280 million rubles. Military Prosecutor's Office investigators managed to torpedo the deal just in the nick of time.

"Clever entrepreneurs have made these parachutes are not from new raw materials, and out of old parts. Representatives of the military and military representatives of the customer personal property closed its eyes. Spices conducted studies have shown that it is impossible to use these parachutes ", — told reporters the prosecutor Fridinskiy.

According to him, the supply of old, discarded under the guise of new products — the most common practice of embezzlement of funds in the budget law enforcement agencies. Officers fraudsters buy for troops is not only an old parachutes, and the write-off of ammunition, the old parts for airplanes and helicopters, cracked helmets, body armor, in which only the brand new stuff, and sometimes iron plates underneath … not at all! And if the record is, they are properties that the machine-gun punches through them with the 50 steps.

And after all this is not only in the rear part, and to those who are fighting actions in the hot spots!

May 2011. The pilots of military aviation center, located at Lipetsk, openly accused the management of the center in the periodic extortion of funds — the pilots had to give his own superiors special flight bonus. According to some reports, the total income of extortionists in uniform who collected tribute immediately from four flying squadrons reached up to 7 — 10 million rubles a year.

Currently the subject of a special inspection.

June 2011. A criminal case against the chief of the Head of the military medical management of the Ministry of Defence, Major-General Alexander Belevitin and the chief of the 2nd Division of the Office of the same Colonel Alexei Nikitin. They are suspected of taking bribes in the amount of 4.7 million dollars from a firm that has received a lucrative contract for the supply of medical equipment.

Curiously, when the investigation began, the accused tried to destroy the brain witness in the case, acted as an intermediary in bribery …

So it is not excluded that in the history of the explosions could be hiding such as corruption trail. Maybe at the arsenal exploded a long time illegally traded ammunition were present there. And later sold to somehow write off "the goods", the persons concerned and were arranged explosive "fireworks" that shook the Bashkortostan and Udmurtia.

It must be said that a similar scheme cheating sold ammunition is not new. About 10 years back by such a scheme covering up his tracks thieving generals of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, triggering a series of suspicious explosions at military depots in the Dnipropetrovsk region. They say that these bombings blamed Ukrainian military weapon, which then floated in one of the African countries.

Where can swim out of Russian ammunition depots, one can only guess. In any case, those of a commercial nature, which reigns in our Ministry of Defense, in the history of the explosions may be the continuation of a sudden.

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