Even today, 12 November

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

…Do not forget to take an umbrella. Temperature: 4 — 7 C.

Do not pass:

Press conference of presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva. Address: Street Kuhlman, 4 (room REP), 12:00

In Minsk, shut down the 17th International Film Festival "Listapad-2010." A professional jury will name the winner of the main competition.


November 12 is expected to arrive in Belarus of the OSCE observers. As part of a long-term election observation mission will include about 40 people. In addition, the ODIHR plans to send about 400 short-term observers.


In China, starting a two-week Asian Games, the largest after the Olympic Games sporting event in the world.

In Warsaw, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly is going on a five-day meeting.

In Hiroshima, begins a three-day meeting of Nobel Peace Prize.


In 1623 in Vitebsk was killed Uniate Archbishop Josaphat Kuncevich (b. 1580). Kuncevich became a symbol and principal conductor of the Brest Church Union, to be unite Belarusians Orthodox and Catholics in a single church. In Vitebsk, Archbishop met stiff resistance from the Orthodox. The excited crowd not only killed Kuntsevych, but, as evidenced court documents, long mocked his body. In 1867, Jehoshaphat Kuncevich was declared a saint.

In 1840 was born sculptor Auguste Rodin French (d. 1917).

In 1915 he was born and semietyk French post-structuralist Roland Barthes (d. 1980).

In 1920, Andrew was born Makayonok Belarusian playwright (d. 1982).

There is a reason:

Day of the Constitution of Azerbaijan.

MINUS 365:

A year ago on the site of Liberty: "Message Medvedev: no word on Belarus."

Quote to remember:

"In the act of reading constantly replacing each other two systems: a look at the words — the language, look at the meaning — is literature."

Roland Barthes

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