Explain the phenomenon of poltergeists, you can use a set of theories. Which one is the only correct way?

March 14, 2012 7:17


British researchers conducted a computer analysis of 500 cases of poltergeist activity from around the world since 1800. And identified a number of key characteristics, based on which concluded 58 percent of events are most active at night, 48 percent — it happens to the tap, and 64 percent are movement of small items, 36 per cent — a major furniture, 12 percent characterized the opening and closing of doors and windows . As a rule, there is an obvious agent — a person to whom the action is directed poltergeist. More often than not their number fall adolescents during puberty. In 16 percent of cases there is an active contact between the poltergeist and agent — they talk, and even perestukivayutsya overwritten. In short, the external manifestations of the phenomenon is clear. But what is its nature? ..

The psyche of the poltergeist

The term "poltergeist" — literally "noisy spirit" — the German word for roltern ("rumble, noise, knocking") and geist («the spirit"). The first reports of the phenomenon date back to ancient Rome. Up until the XIX century poltergeist traditionally blamed evil spirits. In the modern era phenomenon became associated with physical spiritualism, saying that the spirits of the dead to the living world escaped, where he began to play tricks. Fought with them usually mediums — people with fine mental organization … In modern times, a widespread belief that a poltergeist — an involuntary, unconscious type of telekinesis, the cause of which lies in the unstable psyche of agents. One of the most famous poltergeist investigators, an American psychologist and parapsychologist William Roll adheres to the theory of psychological dysfunction as a natural origin of poltergeist. In his opinion, the reasons for the phenomenon — it conflicts within the person, perhaps deep in his subconscious. Supposedly "evil spirit" lives within us, and, at times breaking away to freedom, happy bedlam.
And on this account that domestic researchers think? Andrew Lee, MD and Ph.D., explores the phenomenon in 1995. In all that time, he said, could not a single case, which would not have an explanation. "We went out on a call, analyzed and, if required, the equipment installed in the apartments, which is continuously recorded on videotape in the light and in the dark all that happens — says the researcher. — In the most difficult situations, using radio, magnet and thermometer, investigated the conductive properties of air and its ionization recorded acoustic phenomena. About a quarter of calls were false. In 30 cases, we are faced with a variety of mental and neurotic disorders. Say, people think that things are moving, fly, walk through walls, he can hear voices … and 23 calls were able to quickly understand where come from, say, the mysterious knocking, rustling, etc. The cause may be noise pipe vibration from wind or traffic. Typically, the reason is always, and it is far from mysticism. "
Only 11 cases, the researchers were unable to deal with the move. Therefore, with the help of devices installed round the clock surveillance of the premises. Led him from one week to three months. The result — and here almost all the poltergeists were initiated by man. "For example, in a house just started apocalyptic destruction, — says Andrew Lee. — The family lived in hell. Placing a video camera, we left and came back three hours later. The culprit freak accidents, and very clever and sophisticated, was 10-year-old son of the owners. Seeing the record, my parents were in shock. "
Only two cases of poltergeist with strange ignitions have not been able to crack. What could be the release? The most simple: there are blends that do not ignite immediately, but only after some time. Perhaps the arsonists used them. The conclusion comes Andrew Lee: poltergeist actually sitting in the man himself. But deal with it should not mediums, and psychiatrists. After all, just burn your house and close to cripple a normal person would not …
However, not everything is so simple, said Igor Mirzalis, author of books on poltergeists, perhaps the most experienced researcher of the phenomenon in our country. He is engaged in this mysterious phenomenon for over 50 years, personally studied about 800 cases, of which, according to him, only about 16 percent — profanity and jokes. "My colleague Andrew Lee was unlucky and did not have the tenacity," — says Mirzalis. According to this researcher, "noisy spirit" comes from a feeling of psychological discomfort and loneliness. And someone becomes tangible.

Physics poltergeist

Yet these explanations do not seem to be convincing. After all, if at least one case in a hundred does not fit the theory, it means that either the theory is wrong, or misinterpreted facts. If anything sometimes knocks and rattles, things are moving, and the cameras do not record the intent of the human, then there must be an explanation of what? Any. Canadian researchers from the University of St. Lawrence prove some poltergeystopodobnye phenomena may be linked to abnormal physical phenomena tektogennogo origin. They generate power crust. It's no secret that we have under our feet raging elements, and its nature and forms of manifestation in many ways — a mystery. Scientists have suggested that these phenomena are electromagnetic in nature and focused in time (a few seconds), and simultaneously in space (on the order of one square meter or less). The authors of this theory believe that it is the electromagnetic waves emitted by even subtle shifting of the earth's crust, affect the human brain, which in turn serves as a guide for the poltergeist. On its own, without human intervention, a phenomenon impossible. That is, no man — no poltergeist. But skeptics argue that the electromagnetic theory should be at least four necessary conditions, neither of which it is not responsible. There should be a mechanism that converts to electromagnetic flash kinetic energy of motion of objects and sounds — that is a direct manifestation of poltergeist. In addition, the electromagnetic energy must have a certain amplitude that can cause a poltergeist. It should also be explained why only a few people associated with the poltergeist. Are they — elected? Finally, there must be a mechanism by which the human mind can cause paranormal effects that require huge energy costs.

The theory of the poltergeist

Building on the discussion on this topic, Doctor of Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences Gennady Shipov believes that one electromagnetic explanation going. The nature of the poltergeist, in his opinion, is most likely the origin of non-linear and can be explained with the help of his proposed theory of physical vacuum. This vacuum, in spines, is not a void, but conceals an abyss of energy, in comparison with which all our power together — spark off from the flame. Perhaps some people who have powerful emotions, accompanied by electromagnetic disturbances in the brain that are connected to this energy "substation." It is these people who are all too often unaware of, cause the movement of massive objects, provoke fire and strange sounds, explain that conventional science can not.
Prominent American physicist John Wheeler, who died three years ago, estimated the magnitude of the fluctuations, ie, fluctuations of the quantum vacuum is enormous. Soviet Academician Yakov Zeldovich also argued that it is infinitely large value. This may point to the fact that the world around us, deep in the ocean vacuum saturated incredible amount of energy. A poltergeist — is a unit of energy emissions triggered by natural factors and captured by those of us who inevitably got access to energy "capacity." It is possible that a poltergeist — it bursts coming from the expanse of the ocean of the quantum vacuum. Considered by some researchers, such obscure phenomena like a fireball, and even UFOs — may have similar poltergeist nature. That is nothing other-worldly.


Vladimir Volchenko, Ph.D., Professor Bauman. Bauman:
— Effects of poltergeist can try to explain the theory of wandering screening points standing electromagnetic and gravitational waves in the ultra-high frequency currents. Poltergeist — it is not nothing but a demonstration of the power of the beam of electromagnetic-gravitational "arms" of nature. We confidently believe themselves masters of nature, and in fact only timidly knew her basics. In light of many phenomena, physics of which we are not yet clear.
Alexander Semenov, president of the Association "Ecology unknown":
— One of the hypotheses to explain the poltergeist associated with changes in human consciousness. Doctors found that when epileptic fit dramatically increases the activity of the brain, its cells begin to work in the same rhythm. We can assume that at this point in the body is a mass synchronization of electrical processes. Their strength is in very short pulse reaches 10 watts. Probably, in some situations this is enough to, say, from the hands of a man caught fire. Cases of spontaneous Pyrokinesis marked and described. It is no accident Poltergeist is most often seen in people of unusual — say, the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, or astronaut. How their minds, and that at this time there with their brain — an issue that requires careful consideration.

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