Far question. As Russia was vented with Japan. Part 3

Far question.  As Russia was vented with Japan.  Part 3

Apart from Korea, the people of the country of the rising sun turned their attention to China. The Celestial Empire in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries was going through its own next period of decline and collapse (in Chinese history, it was not the first time, it is cyclic on his own liking). July 16, 1894 Japan and Britain signed a new trade agreement, he was fairer than the former. It is clear that the British did it for a reason. They're not just going to draw Japan into the orbit of its own policies, and guide her actions. Japan turned into a tool, "ram" in London in the Asia-Pacific region.

England at the time took advantage of an overwhelming influence in China. But the owners of London decided that confront Japan and China will be very profitable. The principle of "divide and rule" worked perfectly. We litsezreem that the then Land of the Rising Sun clash with China halloo to one another to this day. The current conflict Beijing and Tokyo because of the Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku) goes back to that era. Then this same technology to provoke land of the rising sun on the outer anger repeat the success with the British against Russia.

Having occupied in 1894, Seoul and important Korean ports, the inhabitants of the country of the Rising Sun Middle Kingdom presented an ultimatum, demanding to renounce all rights to Korea. August 1, 1894 Japan announced a war to China, the Chinese are quite swiftly defeated. April 17, 1895 in the town of Shimonoseki was signed preparatory peace treaty. China shall pay an indemnity of 200 million liang (about 300 million), opened for a number of Japanese ports; gave people from the country of the rising sun right to build industrial companies in China and the import of industrial equipment there. Chinese renounce the rights to Korea. The Chinese have also been obliged to cede the peninsula Taiwan (Formosa), the islands of Penghu (the Pescadores) and the Liaodong Peninsula. And China agreed with the "temporary occupation" Japan Weihaiwei (on the Shandong peninsula).

How Our homeland has become the Land of the Rising Sun for the enemy number one

Advances land of the rising sun alarmed other majestic power. After only 6 days — April 23, 1895 Russian, German Empire and France at once, but separately appealed to the Japanese government to "friendly notes," with "friendly advice", "in order to avoid international complications," renounce annexation of the Liaodong Peninsula. Britain deliberately left out of this step. Notes were backed up by a naval demonstration of the joint Franco-German-Russian squadron in Chefoo, where the ratification of the peace treaty. Japan was obliged to accept. May 5, 1895, Japanese Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi announced the withdrawal of troops from the Liaodong Peninsula. Japan has with China an additional indemnity of $ 30 million liang (taels). Formally, the favorite of the three powers was listed our home, because Nicholas II, who had their own views of the Port Arthur as the ice-free port for Russia. In fact, everyone was profitable to push Russia forward to provide dissatisfaction with her behavior Japanese elite, and of the nationalist masses.

In the end, our homeland with his head got into the Chinese policy. In 1896, St. Petersburg union contract concluded with China, in which Our homeland has provided the Chinese funds for payment of indemnity residents of the country of the rising sun and won the right to build a railway path through the terrain of Manchuria (Chinese Eastern Steel Road). The agreement also provided a defensive alliance of Russia and China against the country of the rising sun. It was quite useless contract for Russia, in particular taking into account China's military weakness, and showed that Russian-Japanese War. In general it was stupid to get into China, with undeveloped and uninhabited Russian Far East. In November 1897, the Germans occupied the Chinese Tsingtao and began talks about his long-term "lease" in China. France won the right to build the railroad of Tonkin in Guangxi. District Weihaiwei instead of the Japanese occupied by the British. Russian warships 3 (15) December 1897 stood at anchorage of Port Arthur. 15 (27) in March 1898 in Beijing signed a Russian-Chinese Convention. According to her St. Petersburg provided in rental use the ports of Port Arthur (Lushun) and Far (Shenzhen) with surrounding territories and aqua spot (for 25 years). RF gasket also resolved to these ports the railroad (South Manchurian railways) from one of the stations of the CER.

These actions was a landmark case in the Land of the Rising Sun and Russia. West skillfully directed all the dissatisfaction of Japanese military and political elite and the people only against Russia. Although the fruit of the Japanese victory over China collected a few powers. In the land of the rising sun began brand new wave of militarization, now directed against Russia, under the motto "Gasina-CETA" ("sleeping on a board with nails"), who called civilization outride tax increase for military victory and its fruits in the future. The first decisive step towards the Russian-Japanese war was made.

Who bleed all Russia and Japan?

To understand what was happening in the Asia-Pacific region, it is necessary to understand what was then the balance of power. The mighty British Empire, on which "the sun never set", evenly dryahlela. In London, with more and more cautiously watched the rapid growth of the young German Empire and Russia. Force behind Britain — "Financial International" were going to "reline" in the "new Babylon" — the United States. Specifically, the U.S. had in the 20th century to lead the construction of the pyramid of the global New World Order. But out on the first plan of the United States, which were to "drive" in Britain, was likely the only belittling Germany and Russia. Now and neutralize land of the rising sun, which was a position of leadership in the Asia-Pacific region. The British were afraid of the strategic alliance between Germany and Russia, which could well change the balance of power on the planet and its future. Our homeland and Germany could build on this planet a more just world order than the Anglo-Saxons. It relied on the productive forces of their own people, not parasite on other countries and peoples. Likely joining this alliance land of the rising sun, would make it even stronger. Because, in Europe, a huge amount of effort and resources have been thrown at the drain of the Russian Federation and Germany.

By 1914, the focus was a success, all of Europe flared up. The result was a good one. Russian and German empires have fallen. Britain passed the "wheel" of the U.S.. Suffice it to recall one fact — the United Kingdom from the global lender owe reincarnated in the United States.

In Asia, the United Kingdom mutila the water in the hope that it will help her to continue to strengthen its position in the region. But right English line suit and the U.S.. Initially, the calculation for the Yankees in the Land of the Rising Sun was simple: if the people of the country of the rising sun will conflict with the Russian, they will need the support of the U.S. (buying guns, loans, political support), and they have no time to be in conflict with the United States.

Regarding the calculation of the Russian Federation was also simple: the forces and resources diverted to the Russian Far East, role in
Chinese affairs and conflict with Japan, forcing Petersburg to find support in France and the UK perspective. Russia doggedly to get involved in this alliance, which was directed against Germany. The conflict of the Russian Federation and the land of the rising sun did not allow them to do strong business alliance aimed against the other in Asia majestic powers, first against the UK and the U.S..

The sequence was follow. First, Russia dragged into Chinese (Korean partly) the case, pushing it here with the Japanese. This is great also influenced by business in Europe: Petersburg was required to strengthen the alliance with France. And it was oriented against Germany, which could not fail to irritate Berlin. War RF with Japan, where the Japanese were behind the U.S. and the UK, finance and arm the Asian empire, was to deal a major blow to the Russian positions in the Far East. But the matter was not slipped a bit, Japan in the field of economics has already lost the war, could not defeat on land, and the continuation of the war puts her on the brink of defeat, because the Russian army on the mainland just came in full force, and the Japanese army lost its offensive spirit and ability. Here, the Europeans and the Americans intervened promptly and under the pretext of "world peace" was persuaded to go to Petersburg Portsmouth peace deal. After that Petersburg has lost enthusiasm for Far Eastern affairs and switched to Europe. In general, the plan was successfully implemented.

Curiously, the Kaiser Wilhelm also pushed Nicholas II to the Far East. Suffice it to recall his big-name signal "Hohenzollern" Russian "Standart" "" Admiral Atlantic welcomes the Admiral of the Pacific Ocean. " But, in contrast to the Anglo-Saxons, he had other calculations. Kaiser believes that our homeland will be keen Far Eastern affairs and weaken its attention to Europe, the chances of war with Germany, the Russian Federation will drop sharply. It came from the apparent helplessness of the Land of the Rising Sun, in comparison with Russia, was even willing to provide some assistance to Russian. In turn, the alliance of Russia and Germany in the Far East, their classic crepe communications in Europe. But obviously William does not take into account the perfidy of "financial International", which has already decided to support the massive Japan against Russia, to give it enough money and military resources to win.

Russian emperor Kaiser wrote: "We just realize that our homeland, subject to the laws of expansion, should strive to reach the sea and have a non-freezing port for their own trading. By virtue of this law it is entitled to claim a piece of land where there are such harbor (Vladivostok, Port Arthur) … Between the 2-port is a strip of land, which, if it fell into enemy hands, can become something like the new Dardanelles. That you should not be allowed to happen. These "Dardanelles" (Korea) must not be a danger to your messages and hinder your trade … Because for every unbiased person it is clear that Korea should be and will be Russian. "

It is usually assumed that only provoked Nicholas Kaiser. But this is not quite correct. It is appropriate policies pursued by the Far East could indeed provide the position of the Russian Federation's favorite (or one of the major powers) in the Asia-Pacific region. Although it has Alexander I — abandoning development of the Hawaiian Islands, and Alexander II — sold Russian America, caused great harm to Russia's position on the Pacific Ocean. As for the Korean Peninsula Kaiser Wilhelm was also right. Only, unfortunately, in order to secure in Korea and incorporating it into the Russian Federation as autonomy, it was already lost. In Korea, it is necessary to go immediately after the construction and consolidation of Vladivostok Russia Amur region.

Petersburg could take a course on the conflict with Japan, if only adopted a strategic plan for the inclusion of Korea in the Russian Federation, with the willingness to defend it by all means, as its terrain. With all of this could make claims, and over the Kurile Islands — a natural, extended into the ocean outpost of empire. Kuriles Petersburg has already give the residents of the country of the Rising Sun in 1875. Although the Japanese claim to the Kurile Islands were completely unfounded. For Korea and the Kuril Islands and could make war when needed.

Go to the same Chinese Manchuria and Port Arthur, when its Far East was not a small undeveloped edge, it was stupid. At least in advance. These areas can be relaxed to give the Land of the Rising Sun. Moreover, it was evident that the weakness of China is not forever, Chinese civilization was in full swing, and at some point the national-liberation forces expelled to foreigners. Peace with Japan, we were profitable then dim prospects in China. Energy and resources were necessary to invest in the development of the Russian Primorye. And the Russian Empire, the forces behind the scenes, the Anglo-Saxons and the arrogance of the St. Petersburg elite has made as much in Yellowish sea. With all of this "financial Internationale" (Coon, Leba, Morgans, Rothschilds, etc.) with the Anglo-Saxons are not afraid, that our homeland will reach decisive success in the Far East. Quite remember who pursued the policy of the Russian Federation in the region. So, in the midst of Admiral-General was proud Duke Alexei Alexandrovich, who was aptly dubbed the "august seven pounds of meat." His specialties and motivate more ladies than the high politics. As he wrote his cousin majestic Prince Alexander: "One idea is the ability to year distance from Paris would force him to resign … The mere mention of the contemporary transformations in the Navy caused a painful grimace on his beautiful face. " With all of this, he, like many in Russia, was in full conviction that the Japs — this is not the problem.

In November 1901 the official Petersburg solemnly met the famous Japanese politics (he is four times led the Japanese government), on the 1st of the favorites of the Meiji Revolution Ito Hirobumi. He was an opponent of the conflict with Russia, and was willing to agree with St. Petersburg on the division of spheres of influence. Ito suggested that the Russian Federation for a throw Manchuria, and Land of the Rising Sun instead provide complete freedom of action in Korea. Living in the country of the rising sun then repeatedly sought to give them free rein Korea. Taking into account the then balance of forces in Korea, it was a reasonable deal. Time to fix Korea for Russia on the basis of an invitation Koreans themselves, it was long since lost. Having made an agreement with Japan, our home could derail far-reaching anti-Russian Far East plans, ie, undertaking the UK and the U.S. to push the Russian with the Japanese.

After failed negotiations in St. Petersburg, Ito Hirobumi went to England. In January 1902 the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun have contracted an alliance with the British. The agreement guaranteed the "special interests" of Britain, China, and the Land of the Rising Sun — in Korea and China, and the right allies to intervene if their "special interests" would face any danger from outside or danger because of "unrest" inside of these states. The contract foresaw the neutrality of the 1st of the allies in case of war with any other state and military support to another ally, if his adversary join one or more countries. This meant that if the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun began to war with the Russian, the British would be "neutral" to keep quiet. And if Russia suddenly had the courage to support China, the United Kingdom promised to straighten it. Eliminated from the conflict with France and Germany (the Germans were not ready for war.) This contract is intended to complete the i
solation of the Russian Empire in the event of war with Japan, because at first wore the anti-Russian character. Very entertaining, and the term of the contract — 5 years. So Makar, London in order to quickly start a war, gave the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun a kind of "blank check" just something for a period of 5 years (for big politics is a small period of time). Samurai openly pushing for war with Russia, hurry up, giving out generous loans, helping with the modernization of the army and navy.

Anglo-Japanese alliance to long years ordained balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region. Although our homeland could overtake Britain in this matter and to stabilize its business with Japan, disrupting the plans of the dangerous geopolitical enemies.

I was able to do in St. Petersburg this situation? It's reasonable to resent the British double-dealing, was courted by Russia in Europe and the Russian Federation shitting in Asia, and duplicity of France, which is locked with England and immediately convinced in his own never-ending friendship Petersburg. Our homeland could immediately take a course on strategic alliance with Germany in Europe, breaking with France. In Asia, give the "green light" to the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun in Korea and not to meddle in Chinese affairs with his head.

In fact, St. Petersburg was not figments of nothing better than to show strength of the alliance with France. March 16, 1902 was read Russian-French declaration. It is reported that the Allied Governments 2-powers "see in Anglo-Japanese agreement zeal to ensure the status quo and general peace in the Far East, and the independence of China and Korea … that the interests of Russia and France." This is when the British and the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun immediately agreed to maintain there own "special interests." It was a blatant stupidity and durnost. The forthcoming Russian policy in the Far East, only confirms this diagnosis. Petersburg, already after vyznat a union of Great Britain and the land of the rising sun, which was apparently directed against RF, has become even more deeply to get into Chinese affairs. Specifically, in April 1902 was signed by the Russian-Chinese Convention of Manchuria.

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