First OSCE observers traveling to Belarus

November 12 in Minsk long-term observation mission arrives Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. As during previous political campaigns — the presidential election of 2006 and the election of members of the House of Representatives in 2008 — a group headed by Ambassador Geert-Hinrich Ahrens Henry.

According to the Head of OSCE Office in Minsk Benedict Cholera, of the mission will include 440 observers. The vast majority of experts will arrive in Belarus shortly before the election, and now it's long-term observers:

"If you have seen the report of the OSCE Office in this regard, the document outlining their full idea of how and what needs to happen. Course, everything will depend on funding and other factors. But the report explicitly states: We are looking to visit Belarus 40 long-term and 400 short-term observers. As for timing, then, as it was announced, this is the beginning-middle of November. "

Geert Ahrens has twice led the observer mission's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the OSCE during the election campaign in Belarus. However, the results of the presidential elections in 2006, and after the 2008 parliamentary elections, he stated that he can not give a positive evaluation of political campaigns.

At least twice, Mr. Arens was forced to admit that he was disappointed elections. On He said, OSCE experts were not able to see improvements in addressing the issue of transparency of election campaigns. It now remains to hope that the Belarusian authorities will draw the appropriate conclusions:

Sufficient access to the counting of votes is a basic requirement

"Sufficient access to the counting of votes is a fundamental requirement and a basic condition for the success of the mission. Conversations this topic conducted since the time when the assessment mission came here to agree on observations on the alleged election. Thus, we can only wait, what election day will all the previous conversations. "

Can you talk about the originality of the visit of OSCE observers in Belarus against the background of a formal rapprochement with the West and more confrontation with the eastern neighbor, Russia? Potential presidential candidate Statkevich adheres to this opinion:

I do not think that would be a political order — this time from the West — to the observer mission

"I hope and I am sure yet nothing changes in the functions of the mission. Do not think it will be a political order — this time from the West — to the observer mission. However, they may fix: Although the elections were unfair and opaque, but there was some progress. And now just all power is working to ensure that they were posing to say it. Our elections will be liberal enough until the early voting and counting of ballots. Meanwhile really will be the parade of liberalization. Well, a lot will depend the results: for the West, in order to make this process once delineated, Lukashenko must stop at least 65 percent declared. But is East, which also have to give up in the face — they say, look: If you are "god Bateko" not shot, and I have 85% support. And now the power seems to fluctuate between these percentages. True, there is an initiative of bureaucratic rank and file who are seeking to prove their loyalty, and I think that still eventually lean to 85%. "

November 15 is expected to meet with the leadership of the OSCE mission head of the Central Election Commission of Belarus Lidiya Yarmoshyna.

In addition to the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, observe the presidential elections in Belarus will be carried out by experts from the CIS and independent observers.


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