Flyers — parasites or firmware in our consciousness

April 5, 2012 7:39

Esotericism of the 20th century (and in particular, Kenneth Grant, the spiritual son of Aleister Crowley) argued that one of the British occult group discovers an ancient grimoire describing Mazes Set. What is this thing? This is a multi-dimensional conglomerate that allowed wizards to manipulate time. Labyrinth Seth had many "sealed" moves. They sealed the ancient initiates — for the good of mankind. But modern occultists perceived press as a violation of their right to know, and some of them broke. The result is contact with the outside borders. Many forces, sometimes very predatory, poured into our world and began to manifest itself in the reality of the phenomena previously unknown — radiation, new diseases, UFOs, etc.

In ancient times, the description of Castaneda has been disclosure of External Gate (one of the gates). Ancient seers met and became friends with inorganics. They have taught many people and Trixie, including travel to other worlds. But in my travels took up inorganic parasites from which they could not get rid of. These were voladory — energy vampires. Contact with people, our "friends" gave his own burden. But if for inorganics voladory were like gnats or mosquitoes, for people to "parasites" have become the masters. We have food for them. They devour our awareness. In our minds are imprinted blocks (mental routines) that block the mind better than the grid and wall henhouse. An example is the almost complete inability of people understand their dreams. Even experienced dreamers can talk about 10-12% of the conscious activity in dreams. For most people, it could be about one hundredth percent.

To rid yourself of voladorov, magicians were started at various tricks — from energy vampirism to his neighbors and to change their energy to seem "stale" for the "masters". Speaking on the subject of the Outer Gates can cite as an example, and the Seal of Solomon, as the antithesis, initiation Isis, burglary secret seals on containers of knowledge. In principle, we can not stop the process of "breaking" the gates, as printing break odnochki who do not care about any public opinions. "Grey" — is the aliens, which were the limits of the Outer. If someone wants to remove them from our world, it will need to set up printing on the "hacked" part of the labyrinth of Set. To get some leverage on the "Aliens" contactees would do well to understand the true multidimensional structure with portals, channels, and the stunning variety of intelligent beings that move through the maze of Set.
Satya Masyanya this I took the hacker site. Just do not go to horror)) Castaneda also claimed that in the minds of people built a parasitic module, but modern Seers did not notice any interference, and "Flyer" that hang over us)) To whom and what to believe — hard to say) "Booked — armed! "

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