For street Bykov collected 105,000 signatures. Minsk authorities are silent

On November 9, at noon a few dozen young people with the flags of the "Tell the Truth" and symbolic signs that read "Street Vasil Bykov," lined the streets of Ulyanovsk in Minsk. Campaigners were handing out books Vasil Bykov and encouraged to join the campaign due to the renaming of Ulyanovsk street in the street named after Vasil Bykov.

Support activists came poet Gennady Buraukin, Chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, his deputy, the editor of "Verb" Boris. At an impromptu meeting the Leader of the "Tell the Truth", a potential presidential candidate, poet Nyaklyayeu:

"It is a shame that so many years, we can not achieve that has been perpetuated the memory of this great man in Grodno and Minsk. We have collected more than 105,000 signatures to happen. Grodno Commission has even renaming streets of the city council decided that the street Bykov will. But "hissed" at Grodno authorities from above, from Minsk, and has already been taken, in fact, the decision was reversed. "

In the capital, Mr. Nekljaev met with the Chairman of the Minsk City Council Michael Saganovich — There's even a tape recording in which he promised, taking signatures of citizens that the issue is resolved. But the decision yet.

Gennady Buraukin noted that Belarusians have to pay my respects to Bykov, to perpetuate his name on the main streets and squares to create a museum in his honor, hang portraits where young Belarusians go. He also called for something to give the name of the street Bykov in the city center:

"The fact that in one place are very close and Lenin Street, and the street Maitland, I'm sorry, but I think, that, with all due respect to the historical figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, it's overkill. Vladimir Ilyich, being an intellectual, do not take offense to the streets, and one succumbed to Vasil Bykov. He, by the way, read the literature, understand the literature and often in his speeches, in his works used quotations from the classics. I really hope that everything eventually grows wiser. And our power grows wiser and will do good things. "

The activists handed over to the Minsk City 57 envelopes — each of the members of the City Council. The envelope — an appeal entitled "Sign of Misfortune", a fragment of which sounded Nyaklyayeu:

"In the work" The Sign of Misfortune ", masterpieces of Vasil Bykov, there is an episode: during the vote only one vote villager-conformists decided the fate of an entire family: her dispossessed and destroyed. More than 100 thousand Belarusians have subscribed for awarding the name of the national genius of one of the capital's streets. If you say anything now, it will become the "voice", filed in favor of the dispossession of the memory of Vasil Bykov. Voters hope: all of you have made your choice and will vote together with 100 thousands citizens with dignity and honor of the great Belarusian. This will be a display of national solidarity and a sign of victory " .

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