For the first time in the country published a book Olesya Nightingale

November 10 in Minsk, the Belarusian State Museum of the history of literature, a memorial evening Ales Nightingale. During the presentation it will be his first book published in the homeland — "works: poetry, prose, letters." Tom, compiled by Michael scrape out the publishing house "Limaryus" and founded a new book series, "Voices of the Fatherland."

The party line is called the poet "For you my heart ached, my dear Belarus …" The pain has become a cross-cutting theme Olesya Nightingale, who will the fate of all his short life spent away from Belarus.

He was born May 1, 1922 in the town of Krysava near Dzerzhinsk. In 1944 he was forced to leave first to Austria and then to Australia. He died in 1978 and is buried in the Belarusian part of the cemetery in Melbourne.

The book "The works: poetry, prose, letters," was first published in the homeland of one of the poets navydatneyshyh Belarusian exile — said an employee of the State Museum of Belarusian Literature Olga Tupeva.

Our forgotten names back to their homeland

"As a phenomenon — out of the book, and then — that book came out here at home. How many years, people have lived there for decades, and today our readers have the opportunity to touch the works of one of the best poets of the twentieth century, the Belarusian emigration. Our forgotten names back to their homeland. "

Among those at the event to talk about poetry has Olesya Nightingale, researchers and admirers of his work Michas Scoble, Anatoly Sidorevich, Valentine Trigubovich, Gennady Buraukin. And the oldest Belarusian writer Nicholas Avramchik share memories of those pre-war years, when they met with Ales Nightingale in Minsk on rates of young writers. Here's what he mentioned in an interview for the radio:

"He was sixteen, and I'm eighteen. So talk about poetry rather fragile, we were with him, listened to the other, really. Heard Kuzma Chorny, Kuleshov, creepy … Before the war, in Belarus, three, three, three times the monthly rates were novice writers. And on the first of these courses, we were invited. After he entered the pedvuchelnyu, and I Pedagogical University and we have already met at least a little. Two years actually met, well, the third so little … "

Time has erased the memory of the details of those meetings: "I remember very little of those meetings. Seventy years have passed — remember that … It was seventy years … "

The party starts after Olesya Nightingale and 17 hours.


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