Former CNN correspondent said that the received commands to publish false news

A former U.S. correspondent Amber Lyon of CNN said that during her work on television she received orders to send the broadcast false news and do not give true information, disclosure of which did not want the U.S. administration. Thus was created the public opinion in support of aggression against Iran and Syria.


Lyons said that the U.S. media is deliberately engaged in anti-Iran propaganda to gain public support for the invasion of Iran.

According to her, at the moment is the same as it was in Iraq — we are working to demonize Iran and Syria.

One of the Slovak news websites published her words to the effect that the U.S. media manipulate the news and methods of their submission. Lyon confirmed that employees CNN receive royalties from the U.S. government and from other countries for the fabricated news, depending on their content.

The journalist reported that the U.S. administration is abusing the law on national defense, the United States, which gives authorities unlimited dictatorial powers to prevent any protests against their policies. They have the power to arrest people without a warrant for an unlimited time without trial, even outside the U.S..

Lyon has expressed concern over the missing of independent journalists, whose activities are not consistent with the policy of the American government. They may be put under arrest and tortured on charges of terrorism. For example, the FBI has arrested a former U.S. military Bernadona Rob for what he published on youtube information, including criticism of the U.S. government. In particular, he warned that the U.S. government is committed to observe the citizens of the United States with the help of thousands of drones.

Text:The Syrian information agency SANA

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