Former firefighter rescued from the fire of four children, and two young men — pensioner

In Tuva awarded a man who had saved from a burning house four children. Former firefighter acted professionally, and only because of this no one was killed. Two of the characters mentioned in the Ulyanovsk region. They endured at the hands of an elderly woman out of the fire.                             

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Sergey Grishin events of that night, even now remembers very well. He was visiting friends and heard someone yelling about the fire. Without thinking, he rushed to the rescue, made his way into the burning house. Smoke billowed from virtually every window, so I had to resort to trickery to get close to the door.

By that time, as Sergey managed to enter the house, the fire was burning for more than ten minutes. Literally had to wade to the touch to the room housing the mistress, 70-year-old pensioner. She was already unconscious, but when the savior yet found the woman came more help. Andrew Eden, too, ran into the burning house and brought the victim to the hands.

Heroically rescued four children from a fire and Tuvan Sholban Sandy. The man single-handedly brought them out of a burning apartment. Literally within minutes he was able to penetrate into the house in flames. Fortunately, he Sholban — a former firefighter, so he acted in critical situations calmly and professionally.

Leaders of Tuva, as well as the power of the Ulyanovsk region, decided to celebrate their heroes.

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