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You said that you know the language better writers who were born in the village. Hard to believe. Apparently, often use dictionaries. I wonder what? Maybe there is some redkastsi inaccessible to mere mortals? And in general, what place dictionaries in the office of the writer, and in his life?

Your reader Nicholas S.

Yes you, Mr. Nicholas, a whole bunch of questions! Let us first.

And in life, and in my "cages" vocabularies take pride of place. I look around and I specify: in the office they host on four shelves and especially do not gather dust, because this is my daily ABC. And — one of the favorites.

What is this dictionary?

Six volumes of the Explanatory that from birth were dark green, but zachytalisya that should change clothes in their new salaries.

Captured the entire shelf, bristling — like spears — bookmarks, Historical Dictionary of whiteRussian language. If navazhvaessya something to write under the wing Clieu, without it can not deliver. There were times when I was reproached in arhaizatsyi vocabulary, and it happened, on the contrary — in the modernization of the language of historical works. Please expand the first volume. Examples of documents XVII century: authenticity, administration, promotion, author, afektatsyya … Europe!

Two graceful carminic volume of the dictionary Vaclav Lastovskogo — A reminder of the lessons samizdat. Dictionaries synonyms, foreign words, frazealyagichnyya, our bezekvivalentnoy vocabulary (I recommend to those who still doubt the richness of language and Kupala Bykov) …

Dozens of bookmarks sticking out of the book and Paul Stsyatsko "Culture of speech", which I appreciate more than some vocabulary, and encourage you to have for anyone who enjoys a professional Belarusian word. I will say the same thing about the "Russian-Belarusian dictionary" S.Nekrashevicha M.Baykova and that the first and last time out in Minsk in 1928. Anticipated re-release it in 1995, but immediately after the referendum that publishing position was cut. Belorusofob who was behind it, he knew, making.

Today is Nekrashevich th Baykova, unfortunately, a rarity indeed. If we are to have it reach the hands of independent publishers?

In our Belarusian latitudes rarely occurs as "Ukraїnka language without taboos" Lesia Stavitskaya. To her such a dictionary is not survived, but — as 80 percent of the vocabulary we have in common — and useful to look at the neighbor's.

There is another fairly rare dictionary — A.Flegon. Outside the Russian vocabulary. (Additional words and values with quotes Lenin, Khrushchev, Stalin, Barkov, Pushkin, Lermontov, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Solzhenitsyn, Ascension, etc.) London, 1973. I call this edition of spyware. Not because he — Spy (not, though as a child and dreamed of), and for the reason that I got to my vocabulary is extremely tortuous path, and in one of his previous lives clearly belonged to this speck.

Now for the writers of the village. I think I was lost and categorical and used the word "some". Well, who would dare to say that speak the language better, "villager" Baradulin? Or, for example, for Boris Petrovich?

Yes there is a problem. I know a couple born in the peasant homes of colleagues who on this occasion convinced that absorbed the language with the breast milk and may glances down at the "children of the asphalt." In our area, they say, say so — and a point. Such a complex of pavnavartasnastsi.

Language — it is a philosophy. But the philosophy of the people, not just the native village.

Someone noticed (or maybe I'll come up with?) That any language can be mastered in a few months, one native to teach life. A Vitgenshtayn Ludwig wrote that "the limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

I want to compare the language of a musical instrument (for some reason primarily of the cello), which should be cared for, and again and again to set up, so as not to falshyviv.

Naastachu remember the words of Albert Camus: "Whatever happens, I know that I have a homeland — the French language."

And I — Belarus.

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