FSB General Vyacheslav Ushakov could be involved in the disappearance of the Belarusian opposition

Such a sensation told the Moldovan edition Jurnal de Chisinau. Journalist Peter rich in "Voronin awards Politkovskaya killer"Describes the murder and attempted murder in Moldova, Abkhazia, Russia and Belarus, which, according to the journalist, had or could be relevant General Vyacheslav Ushakov, Russian special services. The results of their research wealthy gentleman told our radio.

Peter rich

Bogatu: I am interested in this general view of the fact that taking a secondary position in razvednay structure of the FSB, received the highest award of Moldova. Of course, if the president rewards its spies, as it recently did Medvedev. But another thing — the awarding of foreign generals of espionage.

Former President Voronin said it was a state secret. We were able to find some interesting information about the general Ushakov. Since 2002, he leads the coordination of operational management information of the FSB (Federal Security Service Site since 2003 — Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service). According to the materials of Western and Russian press this structure deals with the enemies of Putin's regime in the former Soviet space.

He naslyadiv where many in the former Soviet Abkhazia respublikah.U he and a group of other employees of the FSB tried to eliminate the current president Sergei Bagapsh and replace it with a former officer of the KGB Hazhymbu. In Moldova, referring to the press, he led the operation "Dvina", which aimed to eliminate the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Republic President Igor Smirnov 2002. Then Tiraspol refused to sign the Kozak plan of settlement. Wrote about it and the "Novaya Gazeta", they write about it in his new book, "The New Russian nobility" of the Russian special services of Russian journalists Soldier and Barragan. According to press reports, Ushakov was in charge of this kind of specific operations in many former Soviet republics, including Belarus and involved just in those years when the Belarusian opposition and the press, and the west, and the Russian wrote about the so-called "death squads" that operated in Belarus and killed a number of prominent political and public figures.

Facts to start criminal prosecution against him, no. But there are a lot of questions. For example, Lt. Col. Ryaguzov, Ushakov, who was a subordinate and held in Anna Politkovskaya. He was charged that her own shot. Then he was released.

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