Fule and Martynov agreed to negotiations on visa

The Foreign Ministry's Minister Sergei Martynov and European Commissioner Stefan Fule. Stefan Fule said: "We spoke on the topic of civil society with my friend Sergei Martynov."

"We are committed to the development of civil society, and we want better relations with the Belarusian society. This is why the European Commission and decided to start negotiations with Belarus on visa facilitation and readmission agreements.

After as this issue will be considered, Belarusians will be able to travel to EU countries easier and cheaper, "- said Fule.

Before meeting with Martynov Fule said that the simplification of the visa regime will not contact or subject to political issues.

Stefan Fule also said that during a conversation with Sergei Martynov told him: EU expects Belarus presidential elections in accordance with OSCE standards.

"This will deepen the relationship between The EU and Belarus ", — said the Commissioner.

Going out to the journalists, nor Martynov, nor Fule did not respond to questions, and made only brief statements.

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