Fund Holocaust robbed more than 42 million

U.S. authorities have accused seventeen people in embezzling more than $ 42 million from the fund to assist victims of the Holocaust.

Prosecutors said that from 1993 to 2009. defendants falsified an application for assistance from Germany, including and by changing the biographies of the applicants, and then put the money in his pocket.

Six of the defendants are members of a non-profit organization with offices in New York, Vienna, Israel and Germany.

These people made more than 5,000 fraudulent claims for benefits, and then extracted the money divided between itself and its allies. Money written on immigrants from the former Soviet Union, only some of whom were victims of Nazism, some were not even Jewish. The prosecution alleges that the scammers used the names of persons residing in Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, often coming up with stories that were not there. Sometimes this was done casually — for example, in some cases, the date of birth of applicants were later than the date of the war.

The German Government has the ability to simultaneously pay about $ 3,600 to victims of Nazi persecution, especially the old and the poor, who during the war had been forced to flee their homes and become refugees.

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