Future vododefitsit

Coming vododefitsit

Judging from the disk imaging "Komsomolskaya Pravda", ability to extensive growth of water consumption in the world there are 10 or 15 years. This was said Director of the Institute of Russian Academy of aqua problems B. Danilov-Danil'yan.

Now, he said, up to 70% of water sources is aqua water for agricultural purposes (irrigation). Prospects for growth in agricultural production is that you need to feed the growing world population, are associated with a greater degree of irrigated agriculture. On it rian.ru.

At the presentation of the report of the UN IV of aquatic resources development Danilov-Danil'yan gave a gloomy forecast: will be 10-15 years old, and people will make sure that extensive growth water on impossible.

In general, according to the scientist, the world is still a lot of untapped fresh water. As an example, he cited the water carried by the Russian and Canadian rivers into the Arctic Ocean. But, with the current level of technology implementation of this water in agriculture — problematic. Because scientist proposes to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the abstracted water sources and at the same time to develop clean water and its re-introduction. According to the materials of the report, in the world of up to 4/5 of the water is used only once and is not cleared.

Interestingly, in comparison with the rest of the world water shortage Our homeland is not currently experiencing. As in Brazil, Canada, the Russian Federation is not occupied in agriculture and the water remains 70 years later. In other words, the three countries in the world will be able to have some time to live relatively measured.

But there is a "but." A significant part of the Russian aquatic resources are concentrated in the Asian part of the country, but the agriculture, industry and population are concentrated in the European countryside. Danilov-Danil'yan shows that under extensive development scenarios in the European part of the Russian Federation is not enough water already in 2030, with Asia will be all right, and Russia's Europe will begin to experience vododefitsit.

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