Games of our ancestors

Russian rounders.

Russian rounders — one of the oldest national sports games, and probably the most ancient. Accessories for her — bits of wood and felted balls — were found in the excavations of Novgorod the Great, dating from the XIV century. Any holiday in Russia has managed without playing rounders along with fisticuffs.

Played rounders and Peter I, played the soldiers and officers of the Transfiguration and the Semenov regiment. And in the Red Army at the initiative of the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Physical Culture Nikolai Podvoisky this game was used as a component of fitness.

True, with about 30's come quite a long period of oblivion, and only in 1957 was presented in the bat program Games of the peoples of Russia.

The game is available to everyone. For it needed only a wooden bat, a ball and a ground or grassy area. To hit the ball, running through the play area and ball players osalivanie opponent very similar to baseball. By the way, about the emergence of baseball enthusiasts Russian rounders like telling the legend.

A native of Odessa, he moved to America, said there about the Russian rounders. Then the Americans still poorly understood in Odessa and greatly distorted the canons of our fun, with the result that there was baseball. So it was or not, claim to be the father of baseball could and Finn from Finland, and Romanians from Romania and a German from Germany, and many others, as there are more than 70 types of games that use the bat and ball.
In Finland, a similar game called pessopallo, Germany — shlagbal, Romania — oyna, Bulgaria — narodka furnace.

In 1986, there was a decision on the development of the USSR State baseball, softball and Russian rounders. And 10 years later — in 1996 — was organized by the Inter-Regional Federation of fans of this game. In 2003, it acquired the status of the Russian public sports organizations — the Federation of Russian rounders Russia.

What good game? First, its democratic character. As already mentioned, all the necessary equipment for it — is a wooden bat length from 70 to 110 centimeters and a weight of 1.5 kilograms and a regular tennis ball. The game develops all the qualities required of athletes: a reaction, speed, accuracy, concentration, game thinking and team building skills.

Must be able to accurately hit the ball, run fast, deftly dodging the opponent throws and at least deftly catching "candle", immediately pass the ball to a team-mate or opponent osalivat. All this happens in a matter of seconds you want to make the right decision.

Russian rounders — the game is extremely dynamic and as spectacular as not inferior baseball. All-season game. In rounders can fight and winter on the line in the trampled snow applied paint. Playing rounders and indoors. There are, however, the field is smaller, and there are also some changes to the rules relating to rebound from the restrictive walls and ceilings. But on entertainment that did not affect.

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