Georgia again appeals to the international community

Georgia again appeals to the international community

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia Calls upon the international society assist Tbilisi in order for the withdrawal of Russian forces from Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"Russia continues to increase the military potential of the occupied territories and maintains brutal rhetoric. All this is a direct threat to the security of Georgia, "- said in a statement on Thursday vserasprostranennom Foreign Minister.

"International society should claim from the Russian Federation guarantees the non-use of force against Georgia and should make the international mechanisms in the occupied territories Georgia"- The document says.

Recently the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin told reporters that our homeland before the conflict in South Ossetia has prepared a plan, in coordination with whom he acted in August 2008 to repel the Georgian attack on Tskhinvali.

"In the context of the statement of President Vladimir Putin's Georgia calls upon the international society keep the pressure on Russia on condition that it withdraw its occupation forces from Georgia and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia, "- said in a statement the Georgian Foreign Ministry.

According to correspondents, "military-industrial complex," news agencies ARMS-TASS, Interfax-AVN

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