Georgia is trying to block the Russian base in Gyumri

Georgia is trying to block the Russian base in Gyumri
April 20th Parliament Georgia unanimously adopted the decision to cancel the agreement with the Russian Federation on the transit of military cargo and personnel across the Georgian countryside to the 102nd Russian military base.

However, it and so after the war in 2008 was supplied only by air. There is another way: in the area of Iran. Tehran denies it is unlikely to help, he does not need amplification in the Caucasus creatures of Turkey — Azerbaijan and the pro-American Georgia.

Information: 102-th Russian military base — one of the few Russian bases, the remaining overseas countries. Stationed in Armenia, in the town of Gyumri (126 km north of the capital of the country), number — about 2,500 Russian and 2,000 Armenians. The military base was created on the basis of the 127th Infantry Division and other compounds of the Red Banner Transcaucasian Military neighborhood. She comes into the United defense system of the CIS. In 2010, her term was extended until 2044. Russia does not pay Armenia stay for their own base on its territory, because Armenia is in a difficult geopolitical situation — the unresolved Karabakh conflict with Azerbaijan, which supports Ankara. Outside threat to Armenia, according to Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, will be considered a danger to Russia. Armament: significant supplies in storage, including remaining after the withdrawal of troops from the territory of Georgia. Approximately 18 aircraft MiG-29 anti-aircraft missile regiment three battery anti-missile (SAM) "Cube", two battery-300V; tank battalion with the T-72, about 300 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, there is a military air defense system — ZSU -23-4 "Shilka", "Boom" -1, ZU-23-2 and other weapons (howitzer D-30 self-propelled howitzer 2S1 "Carnation", anti-tank guns MT-12 anti-tank systems "Fagot" and "Competition") .

The base in Gyumri is unique in that we do not need to pay for any Yerevan area. Armenian political elite was very reasonable and realizes that without a military presence RF at some point it will be crushed. Because the 102nd base plays a moderating role in the South Caucasus, not giving Baku and Ankara to move from words to deeds. It is clear that the direct intervention of Turkey (a NATO member) in the hypothetical second war between Baku and Yerevan unlikely assistance will not troops — gun and ammunition.

Georgia's decision covers the air transit through its territory, eventually in the Russian Federation remains the only way to Iran, the Caspian Sea — the port of Anzali — Armenian Meghri. Iran profitably help RF, Turkey is beginning to show more ambition regional power. Turkish security forces operate in Iranian Azerbaijan, fueling local separatism. Support of the Russian Federation and Armenia in Iran's interest, so they keep Ankara to "distant approaches," the problem is not solved yet Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan and Turkey are the least active in the dilemma of Iranian Azerbaijan.

Position Georgia in this matter is obvious stupidity, block the transit, they spoil the case with Armenia, further aggravating the case with the Russian Federation. Although it is time to begin a constructive dialogue, with no RF Georgian people is doomed, it does not survive in the Great Game. In addition, Tbilisi worsen the case with Iran, positioning themselves as supporters of the U.S., NATO, the increasing involvement of Iran in the problem of the South Caucasus.

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