Georgia: When in NATO?

Georgia: When in NATO?Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General: "The decision on Georgia's accession to the Union, adopted at the summit in Bucharest remains in force. Georgia will become a member of NATO. "

November 10 at a meeting of the Commission of Tbilisi, Georgia — NATO, which was attended by ambassadors of all 28 member states of the bloc. Of course, this event far not the case and emphasizes the special relationship to NATO Georgia and the Caucasus as a whole.

Tbilisi is especially proud of the fact that Rasmussen came there in the second time, for all that his visit was followed immediately after the meeting with Obama and in a matter of months before the next NATO summit in Chicago. In this regard, many optimistic Georgian and overseas experts say that Georgia has never been so close to NATO, at the moment.

At a press conference devoted to summarizing Rasmussen's visit to Tbilisi, general secretary asked questions about joining the resistance unit from Russia. Their Rasmussen posted in accordance with accepted rules of diplomacy, emphasizing the right to at least some of the sovereign country to join any blocks. Rasmussen's words sounded like this: "Georgia — a sovereign government, and our homeland — a country which is not a member of NATO, because it can not prevent Georgia to join the bloc." Argue with that statement general secretary hard. With all of this our homeland did not helpless in the Caucasus, not to have at its disposal the reasons that can be opposed to the Euro-Atlantic integrators, both in Georgia and abroad.

In this regard, special attention should be paid outlook Rogozin. He believes that NATO will not be able to bring Georgia into the alliance without deciding the question of Georgian borders.

Commenting on the results of the NATO Secretary General to Georgia, Russia's permanent representative to NATO, put it in an expressive manner characteristic of him: "In the period of Stalin's Russian borders, coupled with Abkhazia and South Ossetia? But this phenomenon and nonsense, because in this case the part of NATO and will include two Russian army brigades stationed in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. So do the people of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, NATO seen in a coffin in white slippers. " This is the first version of Georgia's accession to NATO. Quite naturally, that it is completely unrealistic.

According to the views of Rogozin, NATO people will not do, and the second option, in which they will have to recognize Georgia within the new borders that were formed after Saakashvili's adventure in 2008, in other words without South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

So Makar, NATO will do neither the one nor the other is completely understandable for political judgment, so as a matter of entry Georgia in NATO is marginal. In this regard, Rogozin Saakashvili associates with that "pet, which is held under the nose of a carrot, and he goes after her constantly."

So Makar, visit delegations of NATO in Georgia did not bring any result based on the beliefs of Georgia joining NATO. Rogozin: "From the point of view of real changes to the task, nothing substantial in Tbilisi did not work, well, can not happen, as NATO faces a completely unsolvable puzzle: even in the case if no one bothered to address this issue, it is unrealistic to solve . "

So, despite all the statements about very soon Georgia's accession to NATO, who had already done more than his fervent supporters, visit Rasmussen and NATO delegation in Tbilisi serve only propaganda purposes. The meaning of propaganda started by the NATO members is to assure ordinary Georgians that the West is definitely supports Misha Saakashvili. The fact is that just a lover of neckties is very beneficial to the West as such. Related to this is the whole Georgian propaganda aimed at maintaining species Saakashvili as a martyr for his country, freedom and democracy.

The buzz associated with a visit to a hand and Saakashvili himself. It allows him to get from the West for more signs of its legitimacy in power in Georgia and to reiterate the words spoken in Bucharest in 2008 (then Georgia promised that she would one day become a member of NATO).

To say that entry NATO — the dream of today's Georgian ruling tops — to say nothing. Saakashvili raves entry into NATO. In this regard, the Georgian authorities to seek promotion to the West by all plausible means. What is one of Georgia zeal to raise the number of its own troops in Afghanistan! In particular slave, it looks at the background to reduce its own contingent in Afghanistan, the NATO member countries. Why increase the Georgian contingent so important for NATO? The answer is clear: use the Georgians as cannon fodder for the Afghan mujahideen much easier. Why spend for the purpose of American or British soldiers? West, of course, is interested in, that Mr. Saakashvili went on plugging holes in the personnel of the NATO troops in the most dangerous places.

With all of this do not care about the loss of Saakashvili's own fighter in the hot spots. Significant loss of these problems it is not carried. This is due to the absence in Georgia any public resistance was organized in the form of opposition media, who could ask for with Saakashvili Georgian men who were killed in Afghanistan in favor of his friends overseas and in the name of bright goal of Georgia's accession to NATO.

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