Georgian security forces have captured the 1st of Russian spies, bearded

Georgian security forces captured one of the Russian spies, "bearded"

Law enforcement authorities Georgia on Sunday arrested the 1st of the participants of the armed commando "bearded" special operation against which took place near the Dagestani section of the Georgian-Russian border in late August, the IA "News-Georgia".

"Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia detained Lopota gorge 1st of members of the armed group, a Russian citizen, inhabitant of the North Caucasus Ahmet Chatayev" — says the official website of the Ministry to Facebook. According to the agency, if the suspect resisted arrest and was injured. Search for the remaining five militants continues.

Earlier, Georgian authorities reported that 17 bearded armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades guys were leaked on the terrain of Georgia from Dagestan. August 28, gunmen in a wooded ravine Lopota took hostage five residents of the village Lapankuri Telavi region. Once dismissed the militants to surrender and release the hostages, 29 August, the special operation. The prisoners were released, they were not injured.

During the exchange of fire 11 militants were killed by the Georgian side killed three people. 6 more saboteurs escaped. In turn, the Russian power structures of the Georgian authorities denied the information, noting that during the designated period, no violations of the Russian-Georgian border has not been fixed. In the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation Post dubbed provocative.

Zakayev acknowledged that SOUL was his close friend

First, in September MIA Georgia clarified that five of the 11 militants were liquidated by citizens of the Russian Federation, two had Georgian citizenship. Reported the names of those killed.

They also found that among the militants were liquidated Dukvakha soul — the last guard emissary Akhmed Zakayev, the Chechen rebels, Russian fugitive from justice in London.

Zakayev himself in an interview with Georgian TV channel PIK said SOUL was not his personal bodyguard, but he served in the security services of the Ministry of Culture and indeed in many months was constantly at his side. "Yes, in principle, it was my very close friend," — he admitted.

"I do know that in the last 6 months Dukvakha SOUL, having political asylum in Britain, was not on the territory of Russia, and was in Georgia, in the Pankisi Gorge. Is it clear how he ended up in this group, which, according to the official version of the Georgian security forces crossed the border Georgia with subversive purposes "- Zakayev said last week the Georgian TV channel TV9.

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