Georgian special forces is fighting near the Russian border

Georgian special forces is fighting near the Russian border

In the near future Georgian TV channels are increasingly knew of the machinations of the Georgian opposition and economic achievements Georgia under the control of Misha Saakashvili invited economic professionals who suggested the use of the Georgian software in the field of monetary transactions, stating that no example of a 1C does not fit in with the progressive Georgian tax legislation
But on August 29 over the Georgian media had once again come back to the subject of the military conflict with Russia, which in the near future time to have a dry mouth.

Georgian TV channel "Imedi" has published evidence that a group of well-armed and equipped by the people in an amount of about 20 people broke through the Georgian countryside, where he was met by a Georgian troops.

The Georgian authorities have recently released information that a particular proximity to the border with the Russian Federation has been eliminated gang band that made her way to the countryside Georgia from Dagestan. With all of this was initially reported that the Ministry of Internal Affairs Georgia led the fight against the terrorists and later creative mind of any of the journalists or the Georgian politicians decided to transform the terrorists in the Russian spies, who started in Georgia is sensitive to any personally Putin and Medvedev.

According disk imaging agents to combat "saboteurs" were thrown about 400 employees MIA Georgia, who fought in the Telavi district, which is located in East Georgia. According to the official disk imaging, Georgian police killed 11 gunmen and lost with all this 3-own employees.

The special operation began after gunmen took hostage a number of local residents. Not reported, what are the requirements for all that the terrorists have advanced. Now all Georgian citizens released and the units of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs are fighting with the surviving militants.

Coupled with the fact Russian authorities claim that there is no crossing of the State border of the Russian Federation on the site, which provides official Tbilisi, was not. With all this the representatives of Russian border troops they say that this is not the first attempt of the Georgian authorities accuse Russia of violating some gunmen Georgian border. These samples were made in the 90s, and before the impact of the Georgian troops in South Ossetia.

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