Getting ready for the guerrilla war in the mountains

In Central Asia once again restless. Before the CSTO military exercise in Chelyabinsk region Kyrgyz Defense Minister Major General Taalaibek Omuraliev said "Rosbaltu" about what to prepare army Republic.

— Taalaibek Baryktabasovich, what army, in your opinion, is needed now Kyrgyzstan?

— Slightly bitter lessons of inter-ethnic clashes in June 2010 in the south of the country, have shown that the structure of the armed forces must be prepared, at the technical level kitted parts and units capable of a very rather short time to start the implementation in a moment of arising problems and act autonomously in isolation from the major forces in certain areas. And, most importantly, to teach military action not only in the conventional forms of combat, but in counterterrorism operations, as during the state of emergency or martial law.

— Condition of the Army to meet these requirements?

— Kyrgyzstan in recent years, faced with the harsh economic neuvvyazkami that limit our ability, including in terms of strengthening the defense capability. But almost all of us are doing to reform the army. We want to create an army of small-sized, mobile, combat-ready and highly professional, well equipment and weapons.

— You talk about the prof army?

— In Kyrgyzstan, the highest birth rate, so prepyadstviya with a call for military service there. Another thing — the educational level of recruits and their health status. If desired, we could call significantly more than at the moment, but this is not required. In general, now we go to the full professionalization of the army.

The first step towards the creation of Prof. army was to reduce military service up to 1 year. Together with this, today is about 70% of fighter are under contract. This radically changed the system of combat and mobilization readiness of troops. We aim to equip all contracted units that can conduct combat actions. Conscripts we are in the parts of communications, security, security in parts and service. But the junior military professionals — snipers, scouts, mechanics, drivers and others — we recruit on a contract for 3 years with the possibility to extend it further. At a number of compounds principal directions are presently equipped with contract 100 percent.

— Where Kyrgyzstan teaches its own officers?

— We have all the officers have good training. All the commanders of tactical and higher military school, and many of them have studied abroad. We have our own Military Institute of the Armed Forces (where we train personnel in addition to internal and border troops). Many of our soldiers are enrolled in military academies of friendly countries: about 100 officers and cadets in the Russian Federation, about the same — in Kazakhstan, 24 people — in Turkey. And only recently China, our SCO partners, opened for our officers and cadets of the quota of 50 seats. Also in 2004, we are preparing a military professionals in Azerbaijan Higher Military School named after Heydar Aliyev. On this day, there are 23 training our soldiers.

I personally, by the way, he studied at the 3-higher military educational institutions, including graduated from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Academy of NATO.

We are grateful to the Russian team for the fact that in the framework of programs from our military-technical cooperation most of the troops from Kyrgyzstan studying in Russia free of charge. For example, one of the more combat-ready units of our Army — Special Forces Brigade "Scorpion" — usually prepares command staff at the Ryazan Airborne School.

— Do you have any problem with the provision of housing for officers?

— Well, where it does not exist? But we are making efforts to address it. In today, we have laid the foundation for the construction of 2-houses in Bishkek on 54 apartments each, specifically for military families. The commissioning of these houses is planned for the middle of next year. In addition, the contract for the military, we plan in the same terms to build dormitories for 150 families in Osh.

— How to set the educational work? What exactly do you learn to beat a fighter?

— Of course, for the motherland, for free, democratic and independent Kyrgyzstan. In our army in all parts of there is deputy commander for work with personnel. They conduct educational work with soldiers and instill in them a sense of duty, discipline and other desirable properties are also watching to it that were protected by their social rights.

— Chaplains in the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic have?

— No, we have such institution is not provided.

— Who do you serve soldiers and officers from among minority government? Are there conflicts between nations?

— Both Russian and Uzbek, and other nationalities, we are serving, and as long as there are no conflicts on the ground that the state was not recorded. Command language is a city, Kyrgyzstan. But the vast majority of our officers are bilingual.

— Who do you consider as a possible opponent?

— At the moment created interdepartmental working group under the control of the Secretariat of the Council of Defense, which is working on the latest military doctrine. But I can say that we do not consider any of the adjoining country as a military threat. The danger we litsezreem by illegal militias and terrorist groups.

— What is the situation with the latest military hardware?

— This is a rather sensitive issue. In the Kyrgyz army enters a certain number of modern weapons and equipment — small weapons, communications, transportation and other things. Compounds of special forces we are trying to equip modern transportation, including quad bikes, trikes.

But in general, the limited capacity of the country's budget bind our hands. Meanwhile, something to do in the coming years will have. For example, almost all the armor that is in our arms, was made in the best case in the middle of the 80-ies of the last century, the there is even in Russian times. In principle, it can be used for another 10 years, but you need to equip it with modern surveillance devices, night vision, sight, and the other modern electronics. In other words, in any case need to be upgraded.

Expensive equipment XXI century, including such as unmanned aerial vehicles, we do not get off, but this is the future.

— Who you are purchasing equipment and armaments?

— Provide the necessary arms and military technology at the expense of imports from other countries of the former Soviet Union — Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and foreign countries — China, Turkey, USA. But the main question is not about the procurement, and the supply of international bandwidth on military-technical cooperation in the form of military and technical assistance — cars, armored vehicles, small tools, etc.. Let's say our home in the near future supplies us UAZ and KAMAZ, small arms and ammunition for the special forces, etc., including mobile plant repair armored vehicles.

— As Kyrgyzstan wants to strengthen its combat capability after 2014, when will the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan?

— We can not disturb the likely prospect of military destabilization of the situation in that country. Especially since in 1999-2000 in Kyrgyzstan have already invaded groups of extremists based in Afghanistan (the so called Batken action). Then, to repel the attack and taken to free the hostages, we have lost 10's of our soldiers.

Now we strengthen the group in the south of the country. For this it was created Southwest Regional Command. We have a special meaning of that on his own willingness to address their specific tasks on anti-terro
r is not enough to yield the same formations than in developed countries.

For the past couple of years in a row in the summer-autumn period, when the open mountain passes, a division of the Ministry of Defense, including special forces, along with the border highlands of friction criteria, conduct reconnaissance and search for smugglers and destructive forces.

In general, the problem of national security must be addressed not only by military means. Very basically, that have invaded the militants had inside Kyrgyzstan so called "fifth column" that would support them. President and Chief of the Armed Forces of Almazbek Atambayev than once stated that in this case the country's security is defined not so much by the number of guns and fighter, as the inner unity of civilization. If our people will be united, the army be able to stand.

— You lozhite hope of defense alliances in which Kyrgyzstan is involved?

— We have allies in the CSTO and the SCO, which we are developing cooperation. In June, our mountain infantry divisions, Special Forces officers and staff involved in counterterrorism exercises SCO "Peace Mission-2012" in the field of Khujand in Tajikistan. And on the day or in the Chelyabinsk region will begin joint military exercises of CSTO forces, in what will also participate Kyrgyz people. This collaboration is very valuable to our Armed Forces.

Alexander Shahnazarov


The armed forces of Kyrgyzstan consists of formations, units and institutions of the Ministry of Defence and the Border Troops of the State Committee for State Security (SCNS).

The Defense Ministry includes controls (CA Defense and the General Staff of the Kyrgyz Republic), South-Western Regional Command, the 8th Guards Motor Rifle Division to them. Panfilov, Air Defense Forces, formations, units and institutions under the central government, military conscription.

The composition and structure of the Armed Forces orgshtatnaya target of guerrilla warfare in the mountains against international terrorists and illegal armed groups. Second important task Sun KR — role in the maintenance of a state of emergency and public policy in collaboration with other security agencies.

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