Glass Morona from Alexander G. for Emir Kusturica

After the Company's remarks about the desirability of Dalia Grybauskaite Lukashenko's victory in the elections, of course, politically concerned bloggers are actively discussing the "stab in the back of the Belarusian democracy." Even before those statements and for other reasons mikalaj_achyzha placed the correspondence under the title "Europe whispers," Chao … '. " The fact that the EU is ready "even if not with open arms, take the" last dictator "." The idea of a "European betrayal" was in the air, so the statements can not be called Mrs Grybauskaite quite so unexpected. However, that support means nothing, in principle, an outstanding politician, president of the second, if not third tier, compared with the support of world-famous painter? It's about Emir Kusturica, who visited Nov. 9 in Minsk, Belarus, and weighed him the head box of compliments.

Not that it was a surprise. At least at the moment when it became aware of the imminent visit of Kusturica in Minsk, during which he will meet with "the authorities", I guessed that he was in some way would be to campaign for the ever-stylish winner of the presidential election. Since his sympathy for the outcasts of world politics are well known (although now Lukashenko "outcast", taking into account the indirect and direct support of respectable European politicians?) As of sympathy for the "Slavic brotherhood". And the power of sin was not to take this.

However, the surprise.

It is impossible to imagine Lukashenko, who watches movies Kusturica. I remember how we watched together with my eldest son from his first marriage, "Time of the Gypsies» («Dom za vešanje»). We looked at one go, even though he is five, he loved. We share our feelings, he ironically remarks: "A woman, Nina would say," Shit a "." Baba Nina — this is his maternal grandmother. Citizen in the first generation, a man of simple-minded, and a peasant conservative tastes. I think the same would say and Lukashenko. Kusturica's films are not highbrow and fancy, but they say, "is not for everyone."

"There's a run on their heads, go into eternity on a donkey, seeking suicide of unrequited love, there is a bird of the Holy Spirit descends from heaven belasnezhnay turkey or goose, there hypnosis approximate the victory of the world revolution and the dead bride's veil pretending catfish dawn in the Danube"
, — once wrote czerniec.

And sniffing cocaine railway track, flying through the sky in bed, pull the nails immense buttocks hide obkladyvaya ice deceased grandparents in the attic, that did not prevent the wedding, which then come to life, etc., etc. Everything is upside down, all the noise, play the pipe in pipes, drink, shoot, fly down and feathers, worn here and there pets. Movies and eccentric to besshabashnastsi vinegretnyya to hash. A person who is used to a linear plot and genre adnastaynastsi, and I have no doubt that Alexander G. It is from these people, despite the inherent himself ekstsentrychnasts, they seem "crazy." Especially in Kusturica's films often very dirty and messy surroundings that Lukashenko known fighter for cleanliness and order, is also unlikely to be liked.

Accordingly, it is impossible to Kusturica in the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers, in general — in the official Belarusian context. "I like the way he was sitting across from him on a chair", — writes vinah to meet the director and president. — "A big, gaping like a bear in this scruffy jacket zamytay maechtsy and sloppy napavzashpilenay shirt, a huge fabulous punk. " If Kusturica had the misfortune to be born in Belarus and will come to the Belarusian Union of Cinematographers, he would not have sat at the reception of the President. So, could not be Kusturica.

Still, they agreed. (The only explanation that comes to my mind — there was not without pandering Hugo Chavez, which leads friendship Serbian director.) Moreover, the president has awarded Kusturica spetspryzam and invited him to shoot a movie in Belarus.

"By the way, he was able to get a great film about Lukashenka"
, — this again vinah. — "This is how Maradona. Home — Lukashenko plays the accordion, "Chorny eyes." Then — the scene of some of hockey is very bright … In general, it would be a good movie, I would have watched it, probably, with pleasure. "

Kusturica really could have done an invaluable service in Belarus, removing the film here. Not on Lukashenko — he said at a press conference in Minsk that he would not do — just on the Belarusian material. The best advertising you can imagine. Unfortunately, this is unlikely. In formulating their own wishes for the hypothetical film, to be directed by Emir Kusturica in Belarus, the President said: "If you want to remove something solid…". What, in my opinion, has given himself away. Probably, he was introduced to the work of Kusturica and he said, or thought, "Shit some" in the sense — undignified. Kusturica He needed not, as a staff, ideologically and stylistically director "Belarusfilm" from around the world. It does not work. In vain, therefore Kusturica gave advance the prize "for the preservation and development of traditions of spirituality in the film industry" — not on a horse collar.

(When creating dematyvatara placed in the community by_demotivators, used a frame from the film "Black Cat, White Cat")

The director, who at the press conference also uttered that word — "spirituality", one day, of course, could not understand that there is official, emasculated concept from the lexicon department of agitation and propaganda. As an example of such a model of "spirituality" can lead article editor of the newspaper "Life Polessye" honors print Larissa Black, cited blogger sai17 Community by_trash:

"I'm going to the city and notice: buildings prettier on the eyes, around — cleanliness and order in a hurry to the factory gates of my countrymen … And come to mind the words of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, said during his working visit to our region in August 2010: "Mozyr district today — a district of the European level." Rejoice, my heart, be proud, the soul: it's with you about our land, my dear countrymen, said the head of state — of Mozyr district, how this land where we live and work. On our little home.

His creative pace — and in strict, verified the lines of statistics: more distinctly it all the louder in the rhythm of arduous work, people of our businesses — to increase the pace, increasing production volumes, increasing profitability, and it is — a good sign. So we are moving forward, then we will live better, richer, and more dignified. Is not this is also a simple demand and joy of life on earth? Our shared with you, my dear countrymen! And remember "Dozhinki 2010": from the President several times received the delegation of the representatives of our high winning awards for achievements in the development of agriculture, and it is — a good sign: it means, try to take the height and continue to hold! To Belarusian table was full of dishes — deserve! "

In short, the "rice under the bright rays of the theses on the agrarian question" (quote from the magazine "Korea")! We Kusturica just is not enough talent to shift it into the language of cinema. And if possible, still no one will believe you did Kusturica, and will laugh.

Can congratulate Lukashenko's that
it does not limit itself to support political dusty stuffed animals and Kvachkova type Zyuganov, has expanded its horizons and thought that the "asuchasnitstsa" and like "educated class." But only aprastavalosivsya this his "spirituality" and the general … Once again I quote from a blogger vinah , in fact, she wrote the best text of the arrival Kusturica:

"I was watching the news on television with the obligatory shouting" Apocalypse! Apocalypse! Lukashenko presents Kusturica some glass Morona "On the stage of the Academy of Arts, the table was the same glass Morona, only carafe.

— Kusturica can mix up, and take the carafe to say — thank you very much! — Anton was delighted.

— I came up with the title for an article about the meeting with the president of Kusturica. — Suddenly, I realized in a fit of utter some inspiration. — THIS GAVNATSERKU presented Alexander Grigoryevich. "

Accurately captured the essence of the situation. G. of some absurd "Morona" Kusturica in prostration … Two elderly, tired actors, whose peak of fame has passed, playing in a cheap secondary performances every something, familiar, not particularly paying attention to the partner, one that is very far in front of him from art and some sort of Machiavellian ideals muzhik that tries to podlastitsya foreign guest to at least a carcass, even a stuffed get into the European elite, or, at least, to bribe hostile Belarusian intellectuals, the second — in front of him let him badly battered, but still a genius, which is not a horse and put at the service, he has no need for the president, and communicates with them through stupidity. Of course, this bohemian, she was slurred in the links …

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