Good news from Siberia!

Hello Friends and fellow believers!

I think everyone understands that our people do not dissolve completely in many other nations, the need to preserve their culture and religion.

Father of Alexander the Great in the 1990s did a great work for the rehabilitation and registration of the Church as a clear structure, when at the core of tribal communities (family), Tribal communities united in intergeneric Communities intergeneric Communities unionize or Regional Office of Spiritual and those of the Office turn submitted to Graduate Theological missionaries, in Omsk, headed by Pater Dy.

All of these communities were in need of priests, who were trained in created by spiritual missionary, religious school and seminary. Theological College and Seminary have been entered in the register of educational institutions of the Russian Federation. Students in our schools and communities Communities sent to pay maintenance student who then came back to him for a priest. All structures were registered as legal entities in order to exist at the state level. Can you imagine what a huge work has been done?

Then came the war with the state. Community as jur. Face on which the Church is (legally) Joint religious organization, at the court were closed and the Church has not been able to re-register. So to defend their rights at the state level to restore this (Church) structure in its entirety and must start from the beginning, that is, Regions recorded intergeneric Communities in the state. level. The initial registration form — religious groups. For the existence of the group must submit a written notification form to the Administration of your city, the form in each city has its own, as in the law, it is not registered. On the basis of this notice the community has the same rights as a full legal entity (holding celebrations and worship, seminars, public speaking and teaching his followers) with the exception of issues related to finances (donations). By law, religious group can exist in Russia 15 years and then be made in full jur. person on the basis of which it will be possible to restore the Church and School.

Old Russian Old Believers Church combines many directions: Inglyane (keepers of wisdom), Prirodniki (interaction with nature), semeyniki (not directly involved in the restoration and enhancement of family and tribal culture) and so on. Recently in Omsk we have issued to their community as a religious group "Slavic Community Staroverov semeyniki." Summer festivals that take place in Omsk, will officially take place on behalf of the community.

Friends need to understand that all this is no one but us will not do, sit in the underground lot quieter, but what we leave to our descendants? WHAT ARE WE WILL commemorated and glory? For that we sat in the underground and lost his HERITAGE FINALLY! I think, for it is not praise. For those wishing to help make the Community experiences and advice.

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