Granite Peter

Granite "Peter"

"Peter the Great" — the most powerful non-aircraft warship not only Russia's, and the world's military fleet

20 years ago at the Baltic Shipyard accomplished the ceremony of launching the languid nuclear-powered cruiser (TARKR) "Yuri Andropov" Project 11442 — the fourth of the "Kirov". It was founded by 3 years earlier under the title "Kuibyshev". But the completion of the ship dragged on for seven years. Exclusively in 1996 in the presence of the first president of Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin cruiser, received a new name, "Peter Stately"Gave the Mariners to the tests.

It must be recognized that it is not in the least because of the name, this TARKR survived. Maybe it would have allowed for a needle in those days mercilessly slaughtered many other unfinished and not put terms to curry favor with the ships and submarines of the Navy. But the approaching 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy and in constant anticipation of this prazdnichka "execute" "Peter" was an obvious sacrilege. Because cruiser survived.

However, it is also somewhat "sequestered". For example, because of the financing gap it is located just aft SAM "Dagger", though under the bow seat is reserved. But this was not TARKR provided the initial draft a new air defense system of zonal defense "Fort-M" (S-300FM), you can hit at once highly-6 and subtle aerodynamic targets at ranges of up to 120 km on small and large heights.

In general, "Peter the Great" — the most powerful non-aircraft Warship not only Russian, and the world's military fleet. Its length — a quarter miles, the total displacement exceeds 24,800 tonnes Range swimming — unlimited, autonomy for the supplies of provisions — 60 days. Crew — more than 740 people, of which 101 — the officers. The main percussion instrument — anti-ship complex "Granit" missiles whose P-700 (3M-45) can be equipped with nuclear warheads of 500 kilotons and ordinary warhead weight of 750 kg, which is on target ensures its destruction or, at least, the conclusion of failure. "Granite" is in fact the case — reconnaissance and strike system. When firing the first volley of rocket flies higher and target designation gives other missiles. In the arsenal of "Peter the Great" has 20 P-700. Very impressive arsenal!

Granite "Peter"

Diverse and defensive armament of the ship. Missile and air defense near the turn of the combat units provide 6 SPAR "Dirk", anti-submarine and protivotorpednuyu — PLRK "Waterfall-NK" RBU-6000 and "Boa-1." Three helicopters Ka-27 makes a variety of missions, from anti-submarine to search and rescue. Dual-purpose 130-mm gun capable of hitting targets at ranges greater than 22 km.

"Peter the Great" is considered the flagship of not only Northern Fleet, and the whole of the Russian Navy. And the crew does not tire to confirm the highest rank. March 10 this year, the cruiser returned from a long six-month campaign, during which set the record for distance swimming, furrowed along and across the Atlantic and Indian oceans. In a word, "Peter", as affectionately refer to this ship sailors showed himself a stiff upper lip.

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