Grasshoppers in the Astrakhan region destroyed by An-2 aircraft

Emergency regime announced in the Astrakhan region for locusts. Harmful insects have already destroyed all vegetation in pastures. This means that due to the lack of feed cattle have to put under the knife, the locals say.

In the area of Lemanskom May 10 declared emergency mode. To save the crops, the farmers are treated with pesticides territory. In the fields of special preparations sprayed with tractors. In places where it can not get land vehicles, aircraft works.

"Locusts comes to us" on foot. "And when it comes to the wing, then it will not have any boundaries. It can cover 100 miles a day," — told RIA Novosti Deputy Director of Agriculture Lemanskogo region Astrakhan region Yuri Minaev.

Aviation has processed 2,400 hectares farm fields in the area. The total area occupied by locusts territory 20 times.

The local Ivestock give disappointing forecasts. Rather, the struggle for the harvest will continue until November. If by that time will have time to delay locust larvae, then the next year things could happen again.

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