Greece throws reinforcements to Chios to put out forest fire

 Greece throws reinforcements to the island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, which greatly increased the area of the forest fire, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, fire officials of the country.

"The fire is very big. Overnight finished Air Force — 10 aircraft and five helicopters. Sent to the island by ferry 10 fire crews with 20 firefighters and 20 vehicles and 80 people will be transferred by tomorrow to Peloponnese," — said the agency interlocutor .

According to her, now with fire fighting more than 150 firefighters, soldiers and volunteers. Who raised the alarm fire forces in the northern islands of the Aegean Sea, reinforcements arrive well prepared from the central areas of the Greek mainland.

The Ministry of Defence of Greece stated that sent forces to help civilian 8 fire aircraft and military transport aircraft and helicopters.

According to Greek state television, the front-fire stretched for 25 kilometers in the central part of Chios, an island close to the capital. This area is blowing very strong wind force of up to 8 on the Beaufort scale, making it difficult to extinguish the fire. Three villages were evacuated, yet several volunteered some residents because of thick smoke.

Only in Greece on Saturday was zaregistripovano 50 fires, including Crete and in the Peloponnese Corinthia. To the east of Athens, one of the fires extinguished three planes and a helicopter. There were no injuries.

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