Greek gift

Greek gift

If the enemy does not surrender, it is decomposed?

95 years ago (August 9, 1917) occupied by the German Army in Belgium, the Germans declared Flemish municipalities. Go to Russian history the event the case does not matter. Or has?

Crack in the wall

It seems like everyone has the same. Not directly — but clearly. It was the first global war. It seemed endless, and for the warring parties of success was not enough military force alone. In the course were forbidden moves.

That's … a wall, a crack in it. Formed for their own reasons, to the long-standing far away. Maybe the wall with it still will stand a thousand years. Maybe it will creep crack, deepen, the wall will fall on it someday and fall — but the fall! But it is quite another thing if someone from the outside will drive to crack scrap and start rocking anger build up the rift …

The Belgian version

Belgium in the First World War — country-victim. Quiet, tiny, neutral government. But Germany have been hit in France, and Kaiser claimed either skip through your area, our troops, or … Belgian master refused — because we are neutral! The Germans have fallen to his country all the power. The occupation began.

The Belgians — two people: the Flemish and the Walloons. Flemings live in the north of the country, ethnically close to the Dutch, they say on their Flemish (Dutch) language. How to write spices — Dutch, but with certain dialectal features. Walloons — Southerners. They are French-speaking. Walloons smaller but historically exactly what they have been in the country for a long time on the first cast. Accordingly, the French (at the time in question) — municipal, without the knowledge of his current career possible. Tensions between the Flemings and the case hitherto Walloons in Belgium — the sharpest discrepancy. And then, in 1917 …

The Germans are the ultimate fate of Belgium beheld such: after winning country will be controlled from Berlin, part of the territories annexed; colonies (Belgian Congo) run across Germany … The State vassal. With all of this in the "new, tomorrow's Belgian" Berlin needed support. It was assumed that it will be the Flemings. Occupation authorities encouraged in every possible way to support the national aspirations of the Flemings, to cooperate with flamiganami (supporters of the Flemish government motion), to emphasize the closeness of the Flemish spirit, language, culture with Germanic reincarnate Institute in Gent in Flemish hundred percent — was wide programm.

Second ad Flemish municipalities — from the same series. However, in the literature I have seen in the claim that this language was not even literary developed. It is no coincidence naikrupneyshie writers Belgian (Flemish by birth and patron of Flemish Interest — Charles de Coster, M. Maeterlinck, E. Verhaeren, etc.) still wrote in French, and those who have written in Flemish and Flemish do not always understood. But what are these little things when deciding principal geopolitical task!

Russian version

And the time recall — summer of 1917. At the other end of Europe, our home then rolled down uncontrollably to October.

On the "sealed train", in which the Germans were transported to postfevralsky Peter Lenin and his team, much has been written. Well — German generals and diplomats, at least, contributed to the fact that on the opposing areas of the state have earned forces minded defeatist. But the enthusiasm of a small, not very influential immigrant sect Bolsheviks did not appear immediately. First — and later, by the way, and along with the "Bolshevik project"! — The stake was split on ethnic Russian empire.

As the empire — an empire. No matter what kind of empire is created by blood and iron, not all people are included in it voluntarily. Building blocks that make up the great wall, everywhere and always have the internal pressure of ethnic tensions. From time to time, with age it has even increased: the clock is ticking on the ground formed its own elite. (Here the general subject of a separate dispute: what, for whom and in what situation better — even tiny, but a separate house or housing in high-rise building, even if it is a room in a communal apartment?) While the empire strong, while they can not just take, and bestow — majestic culture, a sense of belonging to the sovereign power, the rise of personal abilities — all normal. But at one point during the crisis comes.
That Russian empire. How many public issues in it is ripe! Polish, Finnish, Baltic, Transcaucasian — list will be long.
With the start of the First World "powers" in Germany and Austria-Hungary in fact officially announced policy of supporting the separatist forces in Russia. Increased attention has been paid, for example, the splitting off of Ukraine. Hastily made there the nationalists' Liberation League Ukraine "acted under German control and German funds. And it was still "inorodcheskih League of Peoples of Russia", the structure (sometimes officially appointed from time to time not) inflate the "separatist" tendencies in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Central Asia … Turkey called on Russian Muslims to jihad. One can cite the quote. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, G. von Jagow: "In the case of the right end of the war for us to create multiple buffers of between Russia on the one hand, Germany and Austria-Hungary, on the other hand, it is better as a means of relieving the pressure of the Russian giant to Western Europe and to drop the Russian Federation to the east as possible. " Chancellor of Austria-Hungary L. fonBerhtold: "Our main objective in the war — the weakening of the Russian Federation for a long time, and to this end we should welcome the creation of self-contained Ukrainian state." Interested readers "AN" redirect to the research of historians have been carefully designed theme — A. Utkin, Galina V., etc.

Trolley and horse

Here, but in principle not to fall into conspiracy theory and not put the cart in front of horse. Stupidly explain the huge upheavals of one kind of premise, including someone's machinations — revolutionaries, nationalists, foreign intelligence services. Tectonic scrapped appear when the states themselves mature heavy, unsolvable problems. Then, perhaps, one of the sparks that caused the explosion, you can call someone and subversion.

It is no coincidence the German and Austro-Hungarian forces long enough of success had not. The inefficiency of the "League of Ukraine's liberation" was recognized by all. Almost failed German attempt to make "The Georgian Legion" (by the way, it organized W. von Schulenburg, the one that in 1941 was the German Ambassador in Moscow, and in 1944 was hanged for his role in komplote against Hitler). In Latvia, the stake was on the Germans — and not true: The Baltic barons with the local people had their friction. In Finland, the local population is not torn sliver of the Russian Federation: the Finns did not call in the army during the war they were completely healed well. And so on. Centrifugal vectors earned later, after February.

And speaking of those who promote them … We are holding a theme, do not claim absolute objectivity. We proceed from the principle of "we — the scouts, their — spies." But recognize that absurd to seek sympathy for of of, for example, someone like Peel sudskogo. He had his own truth. In 1863, for the freedom of Poland revolted by his father, Jozef hims
elf in the case of Alexander Ulyanov komplote in 20 years received 5 years of exile (and my brother — the death penalty was commuted to hard labor), for it has always been our home country of the oppressor. To combat it, and he in 1905 with nezapyatannoy soul took money from the Japanese. Well wonder that in 1914 began forms the "Polish Legions" under Austrian and German flags.

On the side of the Entente

Historians, I asked — well, and our homeland? The enemy was playing on our dilemmas, why we do not play on it? After all, trouble-free states did not happen! I answered, the samples were, but some inactive. Once there were: ignoble. Well, it's not so simple. Germany — mononational country. Austria-Hungary? In Galicia, with the outbreak of hostilities in all suspected "Russophilia" herded into a terrible concentration camp Talerhof. In Turkey, one of the circumstances of the genocide of the Armenians (and Assyrians, Pontic Greeks) in April 1915, it was suspected that these national pro-Russian groups.

On the other hand, the solutions often gave a hint the logic of events. Prisoners Czechs and Slovaks wanted to fight with the Austrians — and in the Russian army appeared eminent then Czechoslovak Corps. And if you read about the Entente in general … translate his sights on another part of the map of the world: the Middle East (the land of the Ottoman Empire!) English Colonel Lawrence just rebelled against the Turks, the Arab tribes.

On a new basis

Let's go back to Belgium. In December 1917, the Council appointed Flemish independence of Flanders from her. Well — have used the chance. The Germans just strengthened: in the distant Petersburg month earlier nedavneshnie passengers "sealed train" overthrew the Provisional Government, Our homeland dropped out of the First World War. A little later signed a Treaty of Brest — and the German High Command has been able to remove from the Eastern Front 44 divisions, transfer them to the West, to start coming. But the war has already joined the Americans, the Allies were able to counterattack …
We will not continue to retell the history book, just pay attention to the match 2-dates: November 7, 1917 — Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Almost a year later, November 9, 1918 — Berlin fled the deposed Emperor. There was already a revolution in Germany, which completed its defeat in the First World War.

With all of this in the coming Bolsheviks — albeit on a new basis, albeit at a terrible price, and not one hundred percent — but the Russian Empire managed to save. The Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Ottoman fell in perpetuity. How to redraw the map of the world and then, as the Giants appeared on the ruins of the new countries — separate and long conversation.

What revolution that foreign nationalism — a plague. Just a variety of tubes. And do not toss them out of the bacteria, even the enemy. Plague borders does not discriminate.

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