Green clouds over Moscow shocked residents

On Thursday, over some areas of the Russian capital were visible cloud of green.

Moscow bloggers immediately raised the alarm, saying that this may be due to a disaster.

According to news channel 24, with reference to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, the green clouds only pollen from trees. And also warned citizens that pollen is a potent allergen. So, all those who suffer from allergies, take the appropriate measures.

That's one of the comments the network user with the nickname elena_lemekhova and photos:

"Today we stand on the Ring Road in a cloud — a poisonous dirty green. This cloud gradually be covered city. Do not know, pollen or not, but the view was frustrating apocalyptic … as if hung over Moscow layers of poison gas … PS . What a fun time, do not get bored, We are constantly discovering new phenomena: winter — freezing rain — summer birch pollen emissions … "

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