Grenade from Ukrainian shipyard

Ukrainian shipyard of Lenin Forge announced the production of 40-mm automatic grenade launcher UAG-40.

UAG-40 — automatic grenade launcher, which uses ammunition, proper standards of NATO. It is curious that the grenade did not work of designers from Ukraine, he was created in Belarus. His advancement in this country is engaged in the municipal headquarters of foreign trade GWTUP Belspetsvoentehnika (LSVT).

In contrast to the applicable Belarusian and Ukrainian armies automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 Flame, a new tool does not use Russian ammunition 30 mm x 29B. Instead they are used more in the world vserasprostranennye types of grenades standards of NATO caliber 40 mm x 53 mm in the American iron belt M16.

Automatic grenade UAG-40 operates on the principle of the recoil energy freewheel shutter. Gun very easy. Weight grenade is 17 kg (without ammunition), and a tripod does not exceed 31 kg. For comparison, the weight of the AGS-17 with a stand of 35 kg, the weight of the South American Mk 19 grenade launcher mod 3 is 32.9 kg, and an additional tripod weighs 9.5 kg.

The design of the grenade launcher allows you to start consuming without preparatory training and expectations from unprepared positions. Because of its own low-mass calculation can very quickly move tool and change the firing position. In order to reduce the impact UAG-40 was equipped damper valve, three-notch barrel and muzzle brake. The firing range is a grenade launcher in the spectrum from 40 to 2200 meters. Resettled weapon switch allows to change the appearance of fire from single to continuous and back. With the continuous rate of pace grenade is 400 rounds / min.

The total length of the grenade launcher — 960 mm, barrel length — 400 mm. Step rifling of the barrel — 1220 mm. Number of grooves alternating — 8 in the initial portion 16 in the middle and in the end 24 of the barrel. The initial speed of the grenade 240 m / s.

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