Grenade-mortar Showcase

Launcher — Kind of small tools, which is used as a weapon grenade — a shell filled with explosives or other fillers (incendiary or smoke texture, gas, etc.) consists of a body, the fuse and the fuse.

The history of the grenade launcher

Even in the era of the birth and formation of firearms Russian craftsmen produced "hand mortars" — huge-caliber shotguns, which were charged with the muzzle and had a very truncated part of the receiver.

Rifle grenade launchers

With all of this, such systems were shooting at distances that were out of reach for throwing hand grenades. During World War I (1914 -1918 years.) For growth opportunities affecting the infantry began to use rifle grenades — Special devices on a full-time Army standard rifle. In the device inserted into full-time or special grenade, which was carried out shot using a special type of blank ammunition. But this changed the balance cap guns, and overlaps the axis of the iron sight aiming.

Shompolnye grenade

The solution was to use ordinary — shompolnye rifle grenades. By garnet aft mounted rod that before the shot was inserted into the barrel. Shot in the same fashion, the rod played a stabilizing role. And yet, even those shots have had a major drawback: when ready to fire arrows could not use a staffing tool, while not produce a shot with hand grenades or defuse this round. Ins is to minimize the dead weight on the arms and the ability to use the huge mismatched ammunition.

Grenade launchers

Grenade launchers are high-quality replacement for muzzle-loading grenade launchers. It is attached as necessary from the name, under the barrel, and is a self-shooting device. South American experts at seriously began to engage in the problem of "grenade launcher" in the 60 — ies of XX century, during the Vietnam anger. In the implementation of programs from SPIW they have developed a range of different types of grenades. 40mm single-shot grenade launcher in this series development, codenamed HM203 is a product of the office Aircraft Armaments Inc., Which was accepted into service by the U.S. Army under the designation M203. Initially it was used for M16A1 rifles, and later — in other different systems. The same systems were made in the Soviet Union.

Development of 50-mm mortar launcher "Showcase"

Design and assembly of a new product was made in 1980, before the Olympics, the capital. The order was urgent, was made in three months, a new instrument was made by the customer of the KGB, development was carried out technical division of the power department. July 6, 1980 is a new product — a mortar after a series of tests, it was confirmed as the standard weapons of special units of the Committee under the symbol "Showcase".

The grenade launcher is mounted on the barrel threading the AKS-74U, instead of the flame arrester of the compensation. Sighting mechanism consists of a hinged front sight with 3 openings for shooting, respectively 50, 75 and 100 meters.

As the ammunition used 50 mm grenades "Showcase-D" shoot off the regular machine-blank cartridge.

"Showcase-D" collected in fluoroplastic casing and filled with a watery substance irritant acts chloroacetophenone. (CN). This tear gas during evaporation or as aerosols have an impact on the sensory nerves of the eyes and upper respiratory tract, causing a burning sensation and pain in the eyes and chest, watery eyes, runny nose and cough provoked. In addition, in the grenade includes a shank made of a metal and the stabilizer of the cylindrical type, made of plastic. Upon impact lifting charge exploded with immediate formation of aerosols chloroacetophenone CN.

To mitigate the revertible forces fired from a grenade launcher recoil pad on the butt worn — shock absorber "Kolosha" used when firing 40mm "grenade launcher" GP-25 "Bonfire." Grenade "Showcase" for a long time was used special forces units of the KGB and was in service with the team "Alpha" in the special operations of various kinds.

The introduction of grenade launcher "Showcase" in the number of special operations has identified a number of major shortcomings. The most important of them were strong returns and low level aiming at a distance of 70 m, which explained the small initial velocity grenade 65 m / s. Large caliber grenades led to the fact that the force of the recoil when fired from a grenade launcher was significant even for people used to the exceptional strain special forces soldiers. For a shot-butt game? 4U had to balk at the ground, and about any precise shooting on goal is not mentioned. Grenade launcher "Showcase" was the mock hand grenade CSG-50.

Calibre 50 m
The regular grenade ammunition "Showcase-G" (the composition of recipes — poison lachrymatory — irritating acts chloroacetophenone. (CN).)
Weight grenades — 0.37 kg
Weight 4.1 kg grenade launcher
Length: 1060 mm
Barrel length: 520 mm
The initial velocity grenades 65 m / s
Firing range sighting — up to 70 m

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