Grouping by fighting fires in Siberia and the Far East increased

Total group to extinguish wildfires in Siberia, the Far East and the Urals increased, reported in the Information Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia.

"The fire and fire events in Siberia, the Urals and the Far East involved almost 210,000 people and about 43 thousand pieces of equipment," — said the source. He added that the group includes capabilities MOE, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, the Federal Forestry Agency, Ministry of Environment, forestry subjects and municipalities, the Ministry of Transport and other ministries and departments.

On Saturday morning the number of groups putting out fires was more than 174 thousand people and almost 40,000 units.

Still actively used in fire and aviation, including heavy aircraft MOE and the Ministry of Defense. Only involved 84 aircraft.

At the same time a difficult situation still exists in the Far East, the Urals and Siberia, although in these regions has been a positive trend of reducing the number of fires and area.

"In the Far East in the day did not have the new source of fire, put out three fires. Here, the most difficult situation in Yakutia, where the burning forest area of more than 2000 hectares," — said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

In Siberia, as at 18.00 MSK, operates 99 fire on a total area of over 15 hectares. "The day of fire, it is decremented by one, and the area — by 653 hectares. 34 fire on more than 7,000 acres of localized" — reported in the MOE.

Complicated is the situation in Tuva and Krasnoyarsk region, although in the Krasnoyarsk region one day the number of fires has decreased by three, and the area — about 400 acres. In Tuva area fires also decreased by more than 300 hectares.

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