GRU destroy?

GRU destroy?In Russia, is a large-scale military reform, which affects not only all types and kinds of armed forces, and special structures such as military intelligence.

Some refer to these reforms liquidation Army and Navy of the Russian Federation, while others believe that all part of the costs of creation of new armed forces of the Russian Federation, giving them a "new look". But all agree that leaving everything as it was impossible.

Striking example of this situation — it is the position of the Head Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces. Once upon a time, the second on the power of the country's intelligence service, the FSB, the KGB after going through at the present time is not the best of times. The new complex of buildings on the Khodynka an area of 70 thousand square meters. meters, commissioned in 2006, was empty.

In the process of "infighting", which was accompanied by a media campaign disk imaging, the GRU was defeated. One of the episodes of the struggle was the arrest of Colonel V. Kvachkova and rumors about the development of underground fighting groups.

GRU destroy?

FAQ: Created 1 November 1918, when the hidden order of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic (RVSR) was approved by the State of the Field Staff, composed of six departments, including the Registration and Control (Registrupr). It was the first centralized intelligence agency and a real SOVIET republic. Since the order was announced on November 5, this is the date celebrated as a day of military intelligence. Since April 1921 Registrupr was transformed into the Red Army Staff Intelligence Department (Intelligence Directorate) to include the department of military intelligence. In accordance with the provisions stipulated that this structure is the central body of military intelligence, both in wartime and in peacetime. At the same time came the union of residency of the Intelligence Directorate of Staff of the Red Army and the Overseas Department of the GPU (the prototype of the future external intelligence services — the head of the political source disk imaging to control the country). But the effectiveness of the combined residency was low, because then everything came back to their seats, and the military and political control of the country reappeared two source-independent disk imaging. In the years 1921-25 the Intelligence produce as referred to as "active exploration" — ruled the actions of the pro-Soviet partisan units in the territories adjacent to Russia Russian and Soviet countries. In 1939, the office was renamed the 5th Management of the Red Army. In June 1940, the 5th (Intelligence) Office was again handed over to the General Staff, and has been called "the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Red Army."

October 24, 1950 was signed by the Minister of the USSR Military Directive number ORG/2/395/832 marked "Confidential." It led to the creation of special purpose entities (special forces) (deep exploration or prospecting for specific purposes) for actions in the deepest enemy rear. In autumn of the same year in all the military area was created 46 special forces on the individual's mouth every 120 people. Were later made part of the special forces (a brigade for each military district or fleet and crew under the central government). Since the mid-1960s and right up to the 1990s — the best period in the history of the GRU. States expand control, logistics — a priority. Increased attention has been paid to the military-technical intelligence, created the first orbital grouping belt constructed of radar stations, grow large areas of antenna fields, built unique objects gallakticheskogo control point at each new ships enter the fleet of radio and electronic intelligence. Since the 1990s, the decline begins GRU associated with the total collapse of the Russian system. Units and parts of the GRU special forces have played a positive role in the Afghan war in Tajikistan and in operations in the area of the Chechen Republic.

Destruction of the GRU?


— Lieutenant-General Dmitry Gerasimov, the last head of the GRU, managing teams of all special purpose, said in an interview with The New Times: «I am deeply convinced that the GRU is completely destroyed deliberately. Of the 14 teams and 2-training regiments of the GRU in the best case, there are less than 4 teams. In all this we must realize that this is not the GRU and the ordinary military intelligence, which is part of the Army. Eliminated one of the best teams — Berdskaya. With the tremendous difficulty managed to defend 22 Brigade, in time of peace which received the highest rank of "Guards". This is our most combat-ready connection, constantly fought on the most critical areas in Afghanistan, Chechnya and other "hot spots." I can say that also eliminated the so called "osnaz" — part of the electronic surveillance. In fact, we are building a military that did not behold the and do not hear. "

— A senior GRU officer, who resigned with Korabelnikov of the central military intelligence apparatus, on the criteria of anonymity, told The New Times, said that the destruction of the services targeted action: "The first test of the system reduce the GRU were undertaken by Pavel Grachev. At the initial stage the main blow was dealt to "osnaz", with the result that had been eliminated in the USSR all the available electronic intelligence centers as the terrain of the country, except for the direction of the Transcaucasus, and the Russian military bases. Further gradual weakening and reduction were all the main bands of the GRU, the strategic and human intelligence to support units and the Military-Diplomatic Academy, prepares scouts for the military attache of devices, and for illegal GRU. "

— "Empire of the GRU die — says the" professor ", an impressive middle-aged man in a starched shirt, the type — the usual representative of creative bohemians. — In my eyes this is the image: prof athlete, who cut off the feet, hands, eyes and vyshybli damaged eardrum. He is still alive, all aware of something else sees, hears with difficulty, heart still beating, but will not be able to be reborn. " "Professor" — analyst with extensive experience in human intelligence. Fluent offers several European languages and Arabic, has traveled more than 50 countries. Dismissed as unnecessary. Currently unemployed.

— "The collector of furniture" — gallakticheskoy intelligence officer. About 40 years. Brought up, educated in the eye throws military bearing, true literary speech and uncharacteristic for the working competence. Works part-time in the Italian furniture showroom. Collects imported furniture, household appliances mounts. "It's disgusting to look like our paltry attempts to salvage something from the Russian astronautics are given for achievements in recent years — he angrily throws. — Well it is necessary: Serdyukov (Defence Minister) advertises satellite "Resource"! They have Russian assembly are stored in warehouses. And they did not for the military and for the oil industry. No resolution, barely cruiser USS distinguished from, and in the armo
r he is completely confused. "

— "We and the troop exploration — Two huge differences, but GRU merged into Army — says firmly downed man, under 50 years. — But specifically we were the most effective: and Khattab and Basayev — our work. " A senior officer of GRU, has been awarded with 4 military orders. Extensive experience in the role of special events around the world. Doing special assignments in Yugoslavia, many years waged war in the North Caucasus. Is no longer needed.


— According to estimates of professionals from seven thousand officers who served in the Russian time, it remains the least 2 thousand. More or less managed to keep the value of the last chief of the GRU GRU VV Korabel'nikov (1997-2009), after his resignation military intelligence quite "smoothed out".

— Practically destroyed Signals intelligence GRU.

— In special SRI GRU stopped all developmental and research work (okra and Nira). In the Military Diplomatic Academy (VDA) began reducing the teaching staff.

— According to The New Times, the number of "units of production" GRU responsible for the intelligence and strategic intelligence on the ground zabugornyh countries reduced by 40%.

— Mass layoffs are in the middle of the most experienced officers of the GRU, dismissed on formal grounds in connection with the achievement of the established according to the law of seniority. In contrast to the external intelligence services, having sufficient number of specialized educational institutions for recruitment and training of intelligence entirely of young people, the specificity of the GRU and traditions demand that the military intelligence were selected only the more experienced military officers, whose age at the time of entering into the GRU is already more than 30 -35 years. The dismissal of similar professionals — a trivial waste of "gold reserve" Intelligence community of.

GRU destroy?

Cause for reform

GRU accused of unwillingness Forces to attack Georgia. Thus, the deputy chief of the General Staff, Colonel General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, said the surprise for us was the presence of the Georgian air defense air defense system "Buk", which put Ukraine and Western systems for the control of air space. In the end, Russian Air Force suffered severe for such malehankih conflict loss. Serdyukov directly accused the GRU is that she has not prepared the necessary intelligence.

Officers also GRU, they say that the information provided, but has not been properly addressed tribute. Higher management of the country and the Ministry of Defence has received from the GRU all the necessary data. In addition, the head of military intelligence had lost the right to direct a personal report to the president, and guided them information passes through at least two filters — a chief of staff and defense minister.

The announced reduction preconditions GRU

— GRU has the ability to collect bolshennymi disk imaging, file is on entrepreneurs, politicians, has information on corruption schemes, "launder money" bank accounts. With these abilities GRU, not under the control of a "tame" the FSB-SVR.

— In the Russian Federation has already formed a "shadow intelligence agency" having people in the Federal Security Service, Foreign Intelligence Service, Ministry of Defence, the presidential administration, the government, the Interior Ministry, according to the so-called. "Networked". This structure serves the interests of a narrow group of people — "clan", which manages the state, they do not need a rival in the form of the GRU, capable of independent comparative analysis.

— FSB and SVR protected by the highest officials of the country, the GRU alien to them. Therefore, the military intelligence and is subject to defeat.

— GRU happened, or has the potential to go to the "customers" are not consistent, the terrorist underground of the North Caucasus, the threads stretch from there to Moscow.

All right?

"It's all nonsense, and conspiracy theories", — said last GRU officer, a member of the Council on the outer and defense policy, Colonel Vitaly Shlykov, which The New Times has laid out the arguments of his former colleagues, GRU officers. The main problem is convinced Shlikov, — a "cowardly sabotage reform of the armed forces conducted Minister Serdyukov of the individual" Spesivykh generals. " The situation prevailing in the GRU is not purposeful destruction, in his opinion, nothing terrible happens. Highly professional Special Forces, expert answers to General Gerasimov, in general, in his opinion, should not be subject to military intelligence: should make an independent body, which should be entrusted with the command of the forces for special purposes, as is common in most of the more advanced countries in the world, says Shlikov. That still applies to virtually destroyed by a global network of electronic intelligence GRU, then, the views of professional, now our home with good intentions, can not play the geopolitical role that belonged to the USSR during the cool of the war, as the very global confrontation 2-camps . So why waste it on a lot of money?

Quite another thing for the views Shlykova, strategic and human intelligence. This resource can not lose the Russian Federation. But he is convinced that the GRU there is a situation where the value of non-qualified intelligence agent was leveled, "Agents — yes, value, but above them were sitting fool!" Generally recognized professional in the field of military construction believes that the GRU, has more information and analytical service ( it consisted of 6 aimed at certain subjects and 6 controls the structure of the departments in the 7th control, working only on the strip NATO), has long abused the exclusive right to the analysis and interpretation of the data produced without giving the ability to work in this area to other analytical groups, for example, such as the center, headed by former managing SVR and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Academician Yevgeny Primakov. "It's time to de-monopolize was extracted information," — says Colonel Shlikov.

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