Grybauskaite for Lukashenko. Your opinion?

Common Reuters information that the President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite said that Lukashenko should win the election, and that only he "can guarantee the political and economic stability in the country and its independence," commented a number of candidates for the president.

A spokesman for Grybauskaite Lynas Balsic declined to comment on media message Reuters. At the same time, however, he stressed that the president urged his Belarusian counterpart to comply with democratic standards.

A spokesman for Grybauskaite also noted that "some media reports from closed meetings are usually not comment."

"I can only say that the President Grybauskaite is no official support is not demonstrated, and called for the election of the most open and democratic. Lukashenko is publicly promised, "- said Linas Balsys.

According to informed sources in Brussels, published by Reuters quotes the president of Lithuania in many ways reflect the views of the European Union.

Vitaly Rymashevski: The leaders of the EU have reason to doubt the power of the Belarusian opposition.

Vitaly Rymashevski

"I am very sorry about this statement the head of the neighboring country and consider it a mistake. Maybe she was not formed the impression of Alexander Lukashenko. I'm afraid that in the near future it will be dispelled by the actions that Lithuania and its president will see with your own eyes. Namely — as Lukashenko does not fulfill the promises given to them. Including requests Grybauskaite respect to the same registration of the Belarusian Christian Democracy.

As far as the relations between Lithuania and the EU to the Belarusian opposition, all seen as increased Russian influence in the opposition. Those candidates for the presidency, which have in their programs slogans on integration with Russia, who are hoping to change with Moscow's totalitarian regime, democratizing Belarus — these candidates have the greatest and finance. It is clear that as a result of European analysts do not see such Belarusian opposition forces not only strength, but also reliable partners and allies. "

Andrei Sannikov: I think this is misinformation

Andrei Sannikov

In an interview with the "freedom" of the leader of "European Belarus", said he does not believe that such statements may be vested in the President of Lithuania.

Sannikov"I met with her twice This year,. There were other words, the focus of conversation was made on democratic reforms in the region as well as in Belarus. And then in the same speech, she seemed to support Lukashenko, while attacking Russia. That's not what I heard from the President Grybauskaite in Vilnius, and here in Minsk during a meeting with her. "

Reporter, "Reuters news agency referring to the EU diplomat quoted the head of the Lithuanian as to what the opposition — is" not serious "and that" Lukashenko would win, gaining 99% of the votes, but he will win with only 75% in order to please the EU. "

Sannikov"As far as I know, there are lobby groups in Europe, they work, but because I do not exclude that such information is misinformation. In fact, during a meeting in Minsk Grybauskaite said that there are no elections in Belarus, and that some of the general interest can not speak. Belarus is a political fight, we fight for the change of political power. I am confident that we will win, but to hear that from the mouth of a democratic president of Lithuania, an EU member, it seems odd to say the least "

Kastusyou: I do not know when Grybauskaite was sincere

Gregory Kastusyou

Gregory Kastusyou"The worst part of her statements to me that I just do not know when it was sincere. During a meeting with EU diplomats or during a recent meeting in the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk us, the presidential candidates of the opposition. Then she promised us progress in the democratization of Belarusian society, the same thing we borrowed and the Minister with the Ambassador. Her recent statements about which we know today, are completely at odds with those in Minsk.

It is difficult to comment, it is difficult to blame. Possibly play a role any interests of Vilnius, which has agreed Grybauskaite, meeting with Lukashenko. Perhaps it considered a number of other leaders of the EU countries. Then in the Lithuanian embassy, as, by the way, in the past during other meetings with foreign diplomats, I said that the opposition is very concerned that the EU is almost suspended support of the democratic community of Belarus and Belarus thus passed into the sphere of influence of Russia. This, many representatives of the EU objected to me, they say, it's not. But as we see now, it's completely wrong. "

Statkevich: Grybauskaite confuses desire Lukashenko


"I think that Ms. Grybauskaite confused desire of Mr. Lukashenko to preserve their own power with a desire to preserve the independence of Belarus. Mr. Lukashenko paid a lot of damage to our independence. It is, in fact, destroyed the Belarusian language is now a new generation of Belarusians simply does not understand it. He did a lot for the destruction of the historical memory of the Belarusians. For me, this is especially painful, because I once did a lot to restore it. If you take into account only these two facts — the language and history — on which to build their independence our neighboring Lithuania, it is already clear that these guarantees Belarusian independence of Mr Lukashenko can not. "

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