Guests of the parallel worlds

February 11, 2012 10:39

If you do not deny the existence of ghosts with the only "significant" argument — they say, "this can never happen", they can be regarded as a clear indication of the multidimensional world and existence of another life next to ours, physical space.

Small children 7-8 years of seeing what transcends adults: brownies, elves, ghosts of the dead, the other inhabitants of the parallel worlds

Of course, you can believe in ghosts, one can doubt — proof, it's usually a little bit. But suppose that these are real facts, not hallucinations. Then it is reasonable to ask the question: can right those who think the world of multi-dimensional, consisting as matryoshka, a plurality of layers? In this case, other worlds, likely also populated by its inhabitants, which … which can sometimes be seen or photographed.

Like any of the researchers of mysterious phenomena, I gradually began to accumulate extraordinary evidence, which is difficult if not impossible to give at least a little bit "scientific" explanation. Well, they fall out of a number of familiar situations — what can you do … and can not be wished away: not one or two cases, but the whole mosaic of facts dialed. I am sure readers will add more if you want a lot of personal experiences and memories to the proposed topic. For myself, I conditionally call it — a ghost …

Some of them, perhaps, can be attributed to the phenomenon of UFOs. Perhaps this mysterious apparatus pilots, exploring our earth. Part, apparently — the representatives of the parallel worlds that exist side by side with us in other dimensions, millions and millions of years. And someone might decide that it is the soul of the dead, the inhabitants of the Subtle World, which we also know next to nothing.

Be that as it may, the study of these phenomena, sooner or later. Presumably, they will not only bring us unexpected and extraordinary knowledge, but also enrich the new vision of the world.

… Say it is not dangerous, not a disease? — A young woman visibly excited, though trying to hide his concern. — My three year old son sometimes as if seeing something that is beyond the normal eye. Example? Well, good. Once we arrived at the cottage, and all of a sudden he said, pointing a finger just above the trees, said loudly, "Mom, there's aunt …"

Where, because there is no one? — Surprised.

No, Aunt — over there … — and eyes, pen accompanies something in the sky, falls below the fence. Then broke and ran to the gate to watch, but I did not let on, "You seem …" However, I think that the kid did not come up: do not know how. Even said that she is kind, in a white dress … And then, after a few weeks, visiting us in the country, he always remembered: "And where is Aunt?" So here I am tormented: what actually seen a son?

On a comparable situation told Valentina Kolesnichenko, a resident of a small hamlet near the village Bykovo with which we met through her extraordinary psychic six-year daughter.

Double JUlenka told me about a woman in the sky, described it, you wonder: "Why is she bald?" I have no doubt that my daughter actually saw something, and she think not for the helmet, whether, as the astronauts, prishelitsa she arrives? However, neither I nor the other children in the sky nothing overlooked. We see Julia vision allows us to see something that is hidden from us …

Maybe those are right who think the world of multi-dimensional, consisting as matryoshka, a plurality of layers

I made sure, I know that young children 7-8 years see something that is beyond their adult goblins, elves, ghosts of the dead, the other inhabitants of the parallel worlds. Over the years, this ability is lost. So, still possible to build such equipment, which is capable to fix what he sees the child's eyes? This is due to the extension of the frequency range, and this invention is sure to appear. I think, it is not far off.

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