Hangout with UFOs

December 23, 2011 6:45

On our planet, there are many places that are most often visited by UFOs. Among ufologists, it is called the "window." Most often, they are located in England, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Israel, Italy, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, the USA, Ukraine and France.

Among these "windows" is best known acquired following places on earth: the Hessdalen in Norway, Yakima in the U.S., Ukraine-Russia triangle on the border between Russia and Ukraine, Liege in Belgium, the Ala-Arch in Kyrgyzstan and the Balearic Islands in Spain.

"Ukrainian-Russian triangle"

Ukrainian-Russian triangle — it is a huge area of land, recognized anomalous zone — a place of regular visits to unidentified flying objects.

The territory of this is in the form of a triangle whose vertices fall on the city of Voronezh, Kiev and the southern tip of the peninsula of Crimea.

The decision on the allocation of the said territory in particular anomalous zone was taken after began receiving frequent statements about the appearance of a UFO in the sky over the cities that are part of the Ukrainian-Russian triangle. Most often, there are reports of UFO sightings from Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Poltava, Kharkov, Simferopol, Kherson and other Ukrainian and Russian cities. Thus, looking at the map and saying these cities, the viewer will be supervisory triangle.

Inside the Ukrainian-Russian triangle stand isolated anomalous zones, for example, anomalous zone Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya anomalous zone and many others. This fact proves the existence of a large area that combines smaller areas.


Liege — a small town in eastern Belgium. Population of less than 185,000 inhabitants. In the late 80's — early 90's there were many cases of visiting Liege unidentified flying objects.

The first information about the appearance of a UFO above the city received in November 1989. P. Barbier — a native settlement located near Liege, during dinner I heard strange sounds came from the streets, reminiscent of rustling. Going to the window, she saw a huge UFO that slowly drifted over the roof of her house. A few seconds later the aircraft abruptly took off and disappeared from view. According to Patricia Barbier, a flying saucer in the bottom of the case had three bright glowing objects, arranged in the form of an equilateral triangle.

The same evening, police patrolling the roads of Belgium, saw a UFO flying fast in a broken path. Followed the object, the police were able to get closer to him so that examined three bright light beams, which were toward the ground. After several minutes of pursuit police car behind, but the UFO stopped moving. Saucer hovering above the dam and over 40 minutes did not move, and then, instantly typing speed and disappeared. Similar cases were repeated many times, but (according to witnesses), the appearance of plates did not change.


Ala-Arch — a natural national park, located on the slopes of the Kyrgyz Range, where according to witnesses, were repeatedly observed sightings of unidentified flying objects. Not far from the "window" is the base of rescuers who are on duty around the clock. They argue that the UFO appears over the mountains almost every night.

In UFO sightings over the mountains of Kyrgyzstan for a long time no one believed until August 1991 did not capture on camera five unidentified flying object emitting light. On the tape, it is clear how glowing orbs appeared over the top of the mountain Teke Tor, slowly descended to the bottom of it, and abruptly changed course and headed to the gorge. Passing through the gorge, the UFO crossed the ridge Bachachekey and disappeared from view. This film is still the only reliable evidence of visiting the Ala-Arch unearthly aircraft.

Balearic Islands

Balearic Islands — a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The most important are: Majorca, Minorca and Cabrera, who together with Pitiusskimi islands were formerly separate kingdom of Mallorca, and now belong to Spain and form the so-called province of the Balearic Islands, covers an area of 4817.4 square kilometers.

In the early twentieth century, one of the pilots of the Air Force in Spain, flying over the Balearic Islands, he saw an unidentified flying object quickly rose from the depths to the surface. The object is then taken off the air and started to move very fast, moving away from the aircraft. The pilot tried to overtake the UFO, but the speed of the aircraft was too low.

Soon another pilot Spanish Air Force UFO recorded rise from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. Both facts presence UFOs were recorded by the authorities and experts in paranormal phenomena. Pilots independently noted on the map the place where there were UFOs. This was the same point on the map Mediterranean.

For unknown reasons, since scientists have not made a single attempt (in any case, no information about it) explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea off the Balearic Islands. According to local UFO enthusiasts and professionals, on the sea floor is a whole base of newcomers.

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