Hazing in Estonian: 2-sons Russian millionaire forced to dig graves for themselves

Hazing in Estonian: two sons Russian millionaire forced to dig their own graves

The military command of the Estonian Defence Forces checks upon bullying in one of the units. The camp, located Estonian capital, two fighter-conscripts were refined izymatelstvu — NIGHT MODE young men forced to dig their own graves. Commanders have tried for a long time to save this story from the publicity, and disk imaging official proof so far been received. But the response that the matter has already caused in society, forced to take command of the investigation and to isolate the victims fighter from the "grandfathers".

The incident occurred in a field camp in the city's Männiku still in the middle of August, but the issue has become clear only at the moment. At night on August 13, two fighter military service — twin brothers, sons of a Russian businessman, a millionaire whose name is not called — on the orders of his superiors made a series of individual exercises. Culminating in the excavation of the tomb itself is in the light of car headlights, the publication reports Postimees.

"Said that if we are lost, we will not mourn. Later that we will send home in body bags, and times when we discover a tool, it will look as an escape from the military. And no one will mourn for us. Later we were given 10 seconds to return proposal. We promised that similar behavior on our part will not happen again, but we were told that they were not interested, "- said one of the fighter. He did not specify what kind of "behavior" fighter so angered his superiors, who decided to resort to constructive ways of parenting.

According to the brothers, the incident ended a warning shot in the air, manufactured by the company commander.

The military promised to understand

According to the Estonian media, not so long ago, conscripts, have reported izymatelstvah were sent to the reserve "for health reasons". Information about what this moment being the former fighter, If this really were with difficulty, yet.

The military command of Estonia meanwhile started an inquiry in connection with the received statement of izymatelstvah over fighters. From now vserasprostranennogo posts Defence Force that Tipo on August 15 was ordered to begin an official investigation. Commanders say that the complaints of the recruits are taken very seriously and will do everything possible, so as carefully as possible to clarify the incident happened, reports EER.

The company commander and platoon commander, where were the twin brothers, denies all charges. According to them, commanded the soldiers to work out just digging a trench.

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