Hazing in the army as a

Hazing in the army as aHow to recognize the "Father"?

This is not difficult, because the outer view and the manner of 'old' provide the best business card. Their 'distinguishing features': rastegnut hook on collar shirt or coat, forage cap (cap, hat) famously pushed to the back of the head, the hair is longer than the statutory rate; badge belt is curved, and he was hanging from the waist down. Well, mug, natural, cheeky and grinning (I'm talking, of course, only the harmful and disgusting 'grandfathers' because the last sign to the usual 'repeaters' does not apply.) And if someone ran into the dining room plate in orderly, so it's clear he 'dearest grandfather', to whom cooking utensils seemed insufficient nezapyatannoy. Hold on, guys, stay away from these idiots, as well as the attire of the kitchen, which is due to 'merriment' also called 'disco'.

Types of bullying in the army

Hazing in the army in fact — the cult of the typical religion, with its calls for humility and non-resistance, countless commandments and rituals, with many 'possible' and 'impossible'. And religion, as we know, are used as the good, or for evil. Church can not just give a person the freedom of spirit, and enslave him; hazing, of course, at first — a tool of violence, but may also serve a guarantor of order and combat readiness units, when the form of mentoring and takes care of young older soldiers. It depends on the type of bullying, the power of the part, and I would venture to highlight these three.

Hazing is not associated with the humiliation of the human pros is that recruits do some types of work, calculated on the idea, the whole crew. Well, let's say, 'Grandpa' ordinary Doe gave orders to wash the floor of the barracks. Of course, in the second year of service from this guy just turns back, and he quickly annoying 'salabona' (ie, not even six months otpahat) Private Tulupkina which God himself has commanded an army armed with a broom and a duster. In general, it's okay, no one cup does not pass. Put a brand new 'whisper' (stick), but the last few months the service will not be overshadowed by the preliminary work. Another 'grandfathers' may be ordered to round up to the dining room for the loaf and Sakharkov or peeling potatoes. Rake the snow also will not — Sit and smoke while you slouch. Hichego, man, it's all legitimate, and 'appear' is not worth it. The same 'nenasilnomu dedovstvu' concern and the above-mentioned mentoring, even when lower-ranking 'old' teach youngsters good sense in terms of service, force (without battering!) To pump up the muscles in sportgorodke and look for the external appearance (whether sewn soilless undercollar , whether polished boots, etc.). Such bullying is even useful, and many have served, who had a chance to talk reasonably believe that it holds all army.

Grandfather's games and practices

Edge view between 'useful dedovstvom' and violence. 'Grandpa' — because they sometimes like kids. What has not invent, to brighten up the gloomy days of standby dembelsky order. Here are some forms of entertainment. The drivers (they 'rudder', 'universal joints') makes' salabonov' 'take the driving. " Private Tulukin crawls on all fours under the beds, moving ahead of him a basin of water and BIBIK and 'grandfathers' top issue the command: 'Left', 'Gaza shall add', 'Reverse!'. We own corporate communicators 'pribambah' — forced to stand on a stool and mop repel interference from radio antenna. From time to time invited to blow out the lamp, work out in the garb of a uniform for 48 seconds (the obmundirovyvatsya relies on alarm). But the old man's beloved brethren merrymaking is 'dembelsky train'. This is when the corporal Doe passion for hunting feel Myagenko riding home in the car. And he reclines on his own koechke that little shake two or three 'salabona' (such as' blue car is running, swinging …) and are worn around the soldiers with twigs in their hands (it is behind the window, the trees float). Background sound, certainly, is created: chug — chug — chug, chug — chug — chug, tu-tu-yyy! And, in the end, 'conductor' with a glass in his hand: 'Seagull do not want it?'. Such are the 'pretzel' — the circus, well, only ! Take it with humor: they say chemby child not play, if only I did not climb fists. Release 'grandfathers' couples in a sort of theater — you look, angry and svevolnichat much less will be …

Finally, the third, the most violent form of hazing — dictatorship 'grandfathers'. Periodic beatings, terror, izymatelstva sophisticated, often disguised as training of young (long crawl in a gas mask, push-ups to loss of consciousness), mockery in a human dignity, forced full service 'elite' (laundry footcloths even bearing for the 'grandfathers' alert) .

I know of a case where the young guys from the guard company did not sleep day or three in a row, substituting sweet snoring vtorogodnih scum. Such hazing in the army of Slavs famous construction battalion, avtoroty, Morflot (where it is called 'godkovschina'), motorized infantry troops, etc. The least she's vserasprostranena pogranichnieov because the service there tense (outfit — sleep — outfit — sleep) and grandfather's antics do not have time. In general, the intensity is determined by the level of culture dedovstva unit. For example, there was always this: the more in the company (at the outpost, on a ship) students, the softer characters. Now students do not call, and the normal nice guy, 'to pass by the Institute' and ended up in boots, often have nowhere to expect support in an environment unencumbered mind and the culture of co-workers. But every kids, unfortunately, feels themselves in the army, like a fish in water.

The officers and hazing

How unfortunate it did not sound, the vast majority of officers flegmantichno relate to what is happening in the barracks in their absence. Hazing is profitable to them even a little — old-timers always will monitor how inject young. Explanatory lieutenant able to support a team first type of bullying, preventing sample izymatelstva. There, by the way, and respected. There are instances of trying to fight a war with the least manifestation of how bullying (even easier), forcing personnel to live strictly according to the ordinance. Button up 'grandfathers' hooks, straighten metal plates, demand that they washed the floor level with the 'salabonami' … Dumb and useless exercise for as long as they fight with a minor attributes, often happening behind the outrage. In general, the officers — rather weak protection against arbitrary barracks and informers, by the way, usually gets more blows. Try it, guys, put her prepyadstviya without the help of others, taking note of some of our suggestions.

As well, all the same fight?

At first, my friends, keep in mind that other credit chase such a bad egg "Chonkina" wimps, sad sack. If you do not know how to wash the floor, you can not vdet thread a needle, the extra thoughtful and impatient, know that you are a candidate for the role of N1 scapegoat. Do not adore sissies, imagine miser. Inability, in general, you can make the effort, the desire to learn, the executive (but not be obsequious with!). Not very 'naedesh' on the physical layer of strong kid, because certa
inly 'pumped up' before the call. Will not be particularly dopekat artist capable assist 'grandfathers' execute 'dembelsky albums', having respected guitar. Be sure to try to track down the 'grandfather' — countryman! In which case will be provided support and intercession.

Yet alone from the 'old' does not fight back (peck, break, even if you're cool bodybuilder). Only together, united all molodnyakovym composition. Because young, under no circumstances will Griz among themselves!

Well, if around some torturers and they dopekli to the maximum? Where to complain? Their officers, as I have said, is ineffective. It is better to write a letter to the military prosecutor's office, but try with all this, put it in the mailbox is not part of the terrain. And inapplicable inform about their own share of bitter parents — they will be easier to make noise, to declare atrocities perpetrated the proper authorities. The main thing — god forbid you try to do away with them or deal with offenders means AKM! Guys! One life — or it will break oborvesh — everything, nothing is not correct … And it's because of what — what scum … Think about it …
Summarizing the conversation about bullying, I dare to imagine that this disease will be cured only with the conduct of the army in the deepest and most effective reform with the transfer on Prof. rails.

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